Galaxy S21 Ultra - Exynos vs Snapdragon. 

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Comparison of the Exynos 2100 vs Snapdragon 888 in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Which is better? For why you should almost definitely NOT buy a Rugged Smartphone: nosections.info/green/q2ajgIyZqH-u1JU/video.html
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5. feb.. 2021





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TheWobblyEmily Time siden
Sadly all samsung phones stutter during scrolling etc due to the shitty optimization and all that it's impressive how samsung makes such a powerful processor lag. It takes skill... Meanwhile I've seen am iPhone se be smoother than an s10. So honestly this is even more dissappointing to me
JAYA LAKSHMI 3 timer siden
Bro tech chap vide is different and your video is different in that exynos wins in yours snapdragon wins how
Omar Tazi
Omar Tazi 5 timer siden
You are the most pro humain i've ever seen 💪👌
Hosni Guiling
Hosni Guiling 6 timer siden
The exynos version should be 19% cheaper! Scamsung!
GOKRUTO GAMEZ 7 timer siden
Your wifi speed is slow
ruix z
ruix z 13 timer siden
Thank you for this video 🥰
Jens Astrup
Jens Astrup 20 timer siden
Pity, it would be for the camera(s) that I would buy the phone. However, I have read elsewhere that you cannot shoot RAW in the ultrawide and zoom modes. If that's true, then it's definitely settled. But even if that info is wrong, I won't buy it until I have been able to download samples and test myself. I bought the Huawei P30 Pro for its camera, only to be hugely disappointed by the raw files, which are almost impossible to process so that they look good. Bad vignetting both in terms of light and color differences.
Jens Astrup
Jens Astrup 6 timer siden
I forgot to write that the P30 Pro pretty much completely killed the joy of smartphone photography that I had found with my old iPhone 6s. So I'm gonna make damn sure that I don't make the same mistake with a S21 Ultra.
Jerry Yeo
Jerry Yeo 20 timer siden
wow thank you very much! but why is samsung doing this though?
Raihan Ramadhan
Raihan Ramadhan Dag siden
Not this time, trash exynos.
Affan Dag siden
I got a samsung s21 ultra ad on thus video
A. Dag siden
This scam should be held accountable why doesnt any samsung s21 series inform that they are selling the same phone with two different chip sets and why doesn't it specify on the box which is which i didn't know this and always thought i bought the snapdragon version This is total bs they should indicate which chip set that consumers are getting on the box that phone comes with, with a huge difference in performance like this and charging the same price for the lower performing phone without notifying consumers
Ahamed Adnan
Ahamed Adnan Dag siden
hi Arun Bro, I'm a long time subscriber of yours, just a small suggestion you could have used black shark 3 cooler instead of putting those phones in the fridge,
Kuaishou Technology!!
now QUALCOMM working with nuvia...... even better!!
Jonh Alexandre
Jonh Alexandre Dag siden
Samsung, pare de fabricar novos aparelhos com esse sistema Exynos. Voltem ao Snapdragon
Avitus Dag siden
I bought s21+, got 3 freebies worth 200usd (a samsung tab, wireless buds and fast charging brick). I guess that makes up for having an exynos chipset lol
Random Guy
Random Guy Dag siden
nice video prickkk❤
The Tech Nerd
The Tech Nerd Dag siden
NOsections: is this an apple iPhone 12 Pro ad
Real Verdade
Real Verdade Dag siden
Bad review, that's not the real true.
haceshazel hazel
haceshazel hazel 2 dager siden
nice comparison. see it,,, exynos is stupid again,, gimmick chip,, powerfull for a few minit, after that the rubbish chip became similar to exy990..the new king android rubbish.. exynos=1.bad celullar reception, 2.fire chip 3.not stable performance etc...
Kouassi Aristide
Kouassi Aristide 2 dager siden
Snapdragon 888 is Better.
Jay Kingsun
Jay Kingsun 2 dager siden
I'm interested to know how hot the new iPhones run. I live in the tropics where it can reach as high as 46⁰ ambient temp. I can't have a phone that runs as hot as the Xynos Samsung.
Jay Kingsun
Jay Kingsun 2 dager siden
Not good Samsung. Especially considering your operation manuals say don't operate the phone above 40⁰
Siddhanth Shetty
Siddhanth Shetty 2 dager siden
How to get the snapdragon version if you live in Asia or Europe.
live life love life
live life love life 2 dager siden
Sent a phone for me please
Minecraft Cat
Minecraft Cat 2 dager siden
Why you rickroll me
Shamsul Islam
Shamsul Islam 2 dager siden
anyone buying exynos is getting mugged!
Bonimucy 2 dager siden
Oglądam właśnie na e2100 ;p zauważyłem, że się lubi przegrzać tylko przy używaniu aparatu. Świetny film :) leci like👍
Kslm 2 dager siden
so i have to sell my phone on ebay??
Ghost Slayer
Ghost Slayer 2 dager siden
So shall I buy s21 or s21?
يونس العراقي
@Ghost Slayer Yes
Ghost Slayer
Ghost Slayer Dag siden
@يونس العراقي ohh
يونس العراقي
Wite to S22
Ángel 3 dager siden
Memilicious 3 dager siden
Exynos is the only reason I get iPhones
Metrik Dag siden
Android is the reason i get iphone.
Mohammad Kamran
Mohammad Kamran 3 dager siden
Absolutely nice work Arun.. i got my S21 Ultra Exynos available officially in my country Pakistan but literally it is heating and camera result is not as good as i thought and viewed on your channel on Snapdragon version. And battery life us also not good.. disappointed
Raneesha Fernando
Raneesha Fernando 3 dager siden
Dude your wifi is slow
Alex Jung
Alex Jung 3 dager siden
exynos has a phone by phone problem each phone has greatly differing performance
Aly Makoda
Aly Makoda 3 dager siden
Now i know which one i shouldd buy
Samrat Pandit
Samrat Pandit 3 dager siden
Hi thr! I keep seeing ur videos and as i understood that snapdragon is a slightly better choice ,my question is can i buy a dual sim s21ultra in America? If so then which part of the country.? Thanks so much in advance...regards
84neilbone 3 dager siden
Well I'm glad I have the snap dragon
Stark Madhesh
Stark Madhesh 4 dager siden
Exynos really gets tooo hot even with better heat sink, And when it gets hot the phone struggles to give better performance
Niam Lisaver
Niam Lisaver 4 dager siden
considering the same price of this phone, i would say exynos is a shame, why should samsung even sell the exynos knowing its inferior ? they have no honor, cheating their customer
prussell890 Dag siden
Errm, eynos is faster and more efficient than the snapdragon now soooo yh finally exynos users smile. Wait till Exynos use AMD graphics next year, APPLE will finally have competition!
Ray Daniel
Ray Daniel 2 dager siden
Money thts y
Xtreme :c
Xtreme :c 4 dager siden
7:25 now listen here you little sh-
Ben FFM 4 dager siden
So i have the exynos S21 ultra yesterday comes a update which makes the battery life and camera a little bit better so it is a moment picture to time make the phone better from time to time with updates. It is a great phone. Sn888 don't support all german 5G networks..
Ainz Chama
Ainz Chama 4 dager siden
hello can you also make some review on entry level devices and also on mid range
Gogu Gogu
Gogu Gogu 4 dager siden
nosections.info/green/2qp-hZ-YZZ6Atsg/video.html another test done...big differences in these 2 videos...shows that you can't trust just one person...don't get me wrong..i hate the fact that Samsung does this (2 dif. processors ) but in this video you can see the differences are not this big like what this guy does...
Bhargav Chennupati
Bhargav Chennupati 4 dager siden
the first thing u did was changing the wallpapers...got you
AceElixir 4 dager siden
Mrwhostheboss: if exynos keep flopping were just gonna left with Snapdragon Mediateck: bu-but...
PANOZOI 4 dager siden
By video recording, my S21 Ultra with the Exynos 2100, the camera switches off after 10 to 25 minutes because it is above 47 degrees Celsius, max 49 degrees Celsius
MCOC 4 dager siden
exynos is still my favorite
Rakesh Rakesh
Rakesh Rakesh 4 dager siden
Poco Op😘
Devansh 4 dager siden
Remember the time when Exynos used to thrash Snapdragon processors and people used to always prefer Exynos processors over Snapdragon. People in the US literally wanted the Exynos powered Samsung and felt cheated if they got the Snapdragon version, how the tables have turned now😅
Ahamed Adnan
Ahamed Adnan Dag siden
where on earth did that happen, I'm using samsung since s3 came out at first they put the exynos on the s6 edge, the situation till now is; exynos was never better than snapdragon
MSI GAMER 4 dager siden
Where are you from
Liberty 4 dager siden
can u even get a us version if u are in europe?
Geo Flights X
Geo Flights X 3 dager siden
Importing has left the chat
Caio Fioravante
Caio Fioravante 4 dager siden
User of a S20 Exynos her. Suffering with overheating in light use, slow performance in games and freezes when using the camera app. Contacting the support of Samsung, they told me that is normal for this chip and i should "use it better" (asking me to reset the phone every 3 months or less). Im really dissapointed with Samsung, and my next phone will be another android brand or an apple. Do no waste your money with companies that dont give a **** about user experience. Samsung is selling poor chips for the price of snap variants.
Metrik Dag siden
Now thinking about it all my Galaxy's had the problem you mentioned with the camera. Also my S9 would sometimes wouldn't open the keyboard and would get super hot when watching videos.
Caio Fioravante
Caio Fioravante Dag siden
@Metrik used to have an 6S plus for almost 6 years. Bought the S20 when it came out last year. Here in Brazil, Apple costs almost the double of android flagships. At the time, i made the choose to go cheaper and here i am.
Metrik Dag siden
I had galaxy phones since 2013. Recently i switched from Galaxy S9 to iPhone 12 pro and probably never going back. My experience has been so much better with Apple.
TJ 22
TJ 22 4 dager siden
it´s the same like the S20 Fe and S20 Fe 5G. now i am even more convinced that the 5G version was the better decision and that the extra 80€ was worth it.
Josh Jewitt
Josh Jewitt 4 dager siden
Why do they have different chips (sorry for asking a stupid question just getting interested in tech)
Emmanuel Onwuegbulem
Emmanuel Onwuegbulem 4 dager siden
Moral of the video: always pick the snapdragon chipset
DR.SYED ALI 4 dager siden
Rog 5 take my money .....
Sakhawat Rahman
Sakhawat Rahman 4 dager siden
They should start putting more effort and making Exynos more mainstream just like Apple did with their Apple silicon.
Lil a
Lil a 4 dager siden
Can we get a video on how to get the snapdragon version pls
Kevyn Morgan
Kevyn Morgan 4 dager siden
Way to open our eyes
Neelabh Xinha
Neelabh Xinha 5 dager siden
Who else is frustrated with Samsung F62 Ad
FAROOK FAROOK 5 dager siden
Why samsung is playing double game
Kristiyan Lalev
Kristiyan Lalev 5 dager siden
Great video man! I hope manufacturers take action.
Ahmad Shahbaz
Ahmad Shahbaz 5 dager siden
Zoom in on the picture of the book is the name of the book and I will be there is no need to you too and your mom are you going to the gym tonight so I won't be present at the moment and I have a ringneck snake and I can't wait for you have a good day and I have to go to the store and get some rest tonight and I can't wait to see you guys.
Dimitris K
Dimitris K 5 dager siden
I will probubly order my next ultra s22 wich I planning to bug from the US .... exynos is overheating and you can feel that
Charizardx X
Charizardx X 5 dager siden
Let’s friken snapdragon is DA BES
TheGamer 5 dager siden
I've heard about The Exynos Phones overheating while Benchmarking.
Zyad taha
Zyad taha 5 dager siden
What is the app name?
Dumify 5 dager siden
Thats Like Intel VS M1
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 5 dager siden
When I'm buying Samsung phones, I would look at the chip. If it's exynos 🤮
BLACK JACK 4 dager siden
@Mark C. snapdragon is just 10 times better
Mark C.
Mark C. 4 dager siden
When I was shopping for a. Galaxy s7, I remember that with that phone at least, exynos was the one you wanted to get. How times change.
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 4 dager siden
@BLACK JACK bro that's not right, they should get sued for that. I used to own note 5, but it died because of overheating. Of course, it used exynos chip... And only 1-2 years of use. I regret buying it at $500 price, I hate my life 😭
BLACK JACK 4 dager siden
I have a exynos s9 plus its getting so hot i could fry an egg its just a shame that we in europe get a phone with much lower performance for the same price its a big shame
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 5 dager siden
2:43 I did that on my old phones lol
TheReal ShadowLord
TheReal ShadowLord 5 dager siden
Bodacious 🤣
RDEV 5 dager siden
They should just make the exynos version a little cheaper ffs
Videos for You
Videos for You 6 dager siden
*SNAPDRAGON* wins comprehensively✅
WEW kk WEW 6 dager siden
samsung with snapdragon = BEAST!
diaz Aditya
diaz Aditya 6 dager siden
Don't be a stupid people hate exynos like hell but not see the fact nosections.info/green/uq2onHSbqK6EzdQ/video.html I don't like video like this make exynos very bad compare to the sd but real fact the gap isn't much like he talk
The Samsung Exynos processors have a different *I.S.P* *(IMAGE SIGNAL PROCESSOR)* that's why the photos come out different.
trihardio 6 dager siden
me: doesn't even have any of these :(
Tom Z
Tom Z 6 dager siden
Dr Phone sir. Phone surgeon. Big fan of your content.
Bao Pico
Bao Pico 6 dager siden
This 2100 version vs. 2100 the tech chap, it looks like QC is not good at his job.
Drejkol 6 dager siden
Anyway, S21 Ultra with exynos is still great smartphone and we don't have much other choices here in the EU. Games runs smoothly and for a long time (I can play genshin impact for hours and even tho S888 keeps that 58-60fps and Exynos "just" 53-55fps I don't have any drops and it just looks smooth), camera is unbeatable by anything currently on the market (especially the long distance one) and overall it's just good flagship smartphone that will easily last for 2-3 years or even longer if you are not into changing 1500€ device that often.
jkirk1626 6 dager siden
Great review. A lot of work went into it. Thanks.
delshane 6 dager siden
man i wish they at least give you the option to choose
joseph davis
joseph davis 6 dager siden
Is it the exynos in Australia as well?
Aniefiok Ebienyie
Aniefiok Ebienyie 6 dager siden
Honestly you are the only NOsectionsr I am subscribed to. There are times I would want to watch a particular phone comparison and if I don't find a video in which you did it I wouldn't watch any other youtuber's own. Mrwhosetheboss you are the best honestly and thank you for making me love phones the more
Black Cancer
Black Cancer 7 dager siden
Love the dancing guy in the outro 😁
Tito T
Tito T 7 dager siden
What brand t shirt are you wearing?
LeYuuki 7 dager siden
yeah bro imma put my entire computer in the fridge so it runs at normal temps... condensation 101
Kei Arnold
Kei Arnold 7 dager siden
Lets not buy samsung if it's exynos.. hate samsung
DK_ Editz
DK_ Editz 7 dager siden
No one: Me : Why he is telling Mysterious the boss😳😂
jayden valero
jayden valero 7 dager siden
Hmmm... Snapdragon 865 Is Grade Is A+
Awlad Talukder Sumon
Awlad Talukder Sumon 7 dager siden
Please make lower midrange smartphone reviews . I think 70 % of your subscribers aren’t able to buy flagship phones. And they want some honest review's to buy midrange phones.
adithyan deepak
adithyan deepak 7 dager siden
Sorcerer Stone
Sorcerer Stone 7 dager siden
In this review, Exynos version of S21 performed (in the sustaining mode) 19% behind Snapdragon. Does it mean in UK, for example, Exynos equipped S21 is also cheaper (19% maybe??) than the equivalent S21 equipped with Snapdragon CPU sold in the US (pre-tax)?
Geng Kapak
Geng Kapak 7 dager siden
Interesting fact: Exynos was developed by Samsung (Korea) itself, but even Korea does not use Exynos
prussell890 Dag siden
That's like saying BMW invented their engines but Germany doesn't use them. hilarious and stupid comment
Alex Jung
Alex Jung 3 dager siden
yes we do
XcorrSynthDev 4 dager siden
Now you are being called an idiot for not fact checking before making a comment.
Aryan Naveen
Aryan Naveen 4 dager siden
That was only for the s20 series, this time they use exynos too idiot. Before making claims on the internet atleast do a bit of research
XcorrSynthDev 4 dager siden
They used them now though
Gueedo 7 dager siden
The fact he don't press phones with both fingers at the same time triggers me af
THE FRNCSGRPHY 7 dager siden
Hisilicon kirin is better than exynos
THE FRNCSGRPHY 7 dager siden
What is the worse of this is the price of snapdragon and that exynos is same but the performance you get are not same
yobuideaman 7 dager siden
ஸ்ணப்டிரகன் தான் பெஸ்ட்,👍
Mr. G-sez
Mr. G-sez 7 dager siden
who is scared of his phone sometimes? because of the ai, like it could see the future or knows what xou going to do next...
Kirin Kirin
Kirin Kirin 4 dager siden
But you can't do nothing.accept throw your phone in rubbish.
Mr. G-sez
Mr. G-sez 7 dager siden
9:18 i was looking for mafia 2 the last 2 hours on my phone and this video was in my recommended. then i watched it and saw that little mafia picture in the AI benchmark... thats weird... good ol s10+ but at the same time when you look at some playboy bunnies the s10+ ai recognises boobs as babies or eggs...
"Smartphones are Boring now."