Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison. 

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A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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21. jan.. 2021





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Mrwhosetheboss Måned siden
I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too! nosections.info/green/sKKqgoKfho5optw/video.html
PantoMath 8 dager siden
Earth isn't a planet
Vhin Gonzales
Vhin Gonzales 11 dager siden
i want samsung😳
Allan Maina
Allan Maina Måned siden
Am still hoping i will even see this phones one day....
Ch .Sarmad
Ch .Sarmad Måned siden
It was great keep em coming
Abhishek Voin
Abhishek Voin Måned siden
Bro why did you not used with Huawei mate 40 pro 🧐🧐🧐
FOUR Vence
FOUR Vence 18 minutter siden
would be " MASSIVE "!!
S TØLFØ 38 minutter siden
I never knew I could get rickrolled 3 times by him
Tony's World
Tony's World Time siden
The quality of apples portraits is just fantastic wow
Lukas Schultheis
Lukas Schultheis Time siden
12:56 Screw both, get a camera (which is also cheaper by the way) 😂
adwan ad
adwan ad Time siden
I want to buy new phone. Galaxy s 21 or iphone 12?
BAHADUR Rafiyev 2 timer siden
Which the best ? I dont understand . 🥰 SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 ULTRA OR IPHONE 12 PRO MAX ?
momohatsana 4 timer siden
Loved this review! So helpful.
MahiR faRhan
MahiR faRhan 4 timer siden
but the planet still always love iphone . if there android 1000000 the planet don't care me: android os
Arafath Hussain
Arafath Hussain 4 timer siden
Wavhing with my samsung s21 ulrta
Arafath Hussain
Arafath Hussain 4 timer siden
Wavhing with my samsung s21 ulrta
Victor Perfecto
Victor Perfecto 4 timer siden
If apple steps up the camera game, guaranteed it will wipe out all android flagships
January Ah Loo
January Ah Loo 5 timer siden
Everything you did for this video was great keep up the good work 💪
Amal Benny
Amal Benny 5 timer siden
Should I buy it yes can I buy it no
Tech Skills 2021
Tech Skills 2021 6 timer siden
Lefteris Par
Lefteris Par 6 timer siden
Are you kiring me dude the best camera phone aaon the planet is the p40 pro ande the matte 40 take a look on dxomark
TRD Turbo IS300
TRD Turbo IS300 8 timer siden
The S21 is ahead quite a bit compared to the IPhone 12 , no question whatsoever. Let alone the actual phone itself lol
Dela Bansa
Dela Bansa 9 timer siden
can i plz have it my sis damage my only phone plz help a fan
Mr.nothing Huck finn
Mr.nothing Huck finn 10 timer siden
I can afford both mobile but still I am happy with my realme brand
Idriss Gh
Idriss Gh 12 timer siden
Me: watching phones that are 10 times more expensive than mine
Area28 by Gunter Kiphard
Ich finde diesen Vergleich nicht fair. Ich habe weder das S21 noch das IP 12, aber ich sehe, was Video und Fotoqualität angeht, das Iphone klar vor dem S21
Fejzi Alimucaj
Fejzi Alimucaj 17 timer siden
sumsung camera better or iphone
s 19 timer siden
I think most of us can agree that iPhone is better for 3rd party apps
Jerry Yeo
Jerry Yeo 20 timer siden
thank you for the video
LouieGrind 20 timer siden
It's weird because Lew came to the exact opposite conclusion when it comes to video and photo.
johanna balberan
johanna balberan 21 time siden
man i wish i have one :(
Rashiid Hinson
Rashiid Hinson 22 timer siden
Great video as always! I've been android since day one but I like videos like this. Gotta know what the competition is working with, right? I really enjoyed the new way you've done this video. I found it informative and entertaining. Thanks for sharing
Kovindu Supunsara
Kovindu Supunsara 22 timer siden
AN NGUYEN 23 timer siden
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142 Noshin Tasnim
142 Noshin Tasnim 23 timer siden
0:36 noone : we just got rickrolled
Samuel Ayobami Awe
I love it when he called the Samsung s21 pro the beast
Samsung s21 best
Harliv Kataria
Harliv Kataria Dag siden
According to a biggest apple fanboy, here I could see that Samsung nails the camera department but it really depends on you're priority, this video accurately depicted different aspects but don't bother about the result. For example- the potraight thing could a big segment for my decision and for you it could be the zoom, :)
King Umar
King Umar Dag siden
Orange color left side (Samsung). Blue color right side (iPhone). IN THE MIDDLE ITS ORANGE, HE INDIRECTLY TOLD US BEFORE ONLY THAT SAMSUNG WAS GOING TO WIN. 🧠
Sir instead you broke your phone or test how that strong can you help me ☹️😔 . From Philippines" Reason : To use my study and coming birthday and my dream phone ever because i never use iphone . Any iphone sir i appreciate to use my online class . Thank you so much sir ❤️🙏
RedEagle 1
RedEagle 1 Dag siden
Samsungs are better iPhones aint worth the price never baught 1 never will.
Sanjeet Villa
Sanjeet Villa Dag siden
Will u sell this phone....i want it?
Atharv Singh
Atharv Singh Dag siden
0:35 You Rickrolled us:(
bee xiong
bee xiong Dag siden
My iphone friend watching this on his iphone thinking his iphone is better than Samsung little did he know this video is gonna destroy his iPhone lol
Azfir the cool
Azfir the cool Dag siden
I agree, both samsung phones and iPhones are beasts
Uh No
Uh No Dag siden
I tried the iPhone 12 4K video and I tested it with 1080p by showing my hand for 2 seconds and I could tell the detail between them, good job iPhone!
Drew Motl
Drew Motl Dag siden
Very good video. It was hard to stop watching.
El Chido
El Chido Dag siden
Of course iPhone will show good pictures quality having samsung screen, without samsung screen iPhone still be crap
Asad Dag siden
Your reviews and comparisons are super amazing. The way you explain all the details, develops interests for the viewers. Keep up the good work bro!
Tokan Jude
Tokan Jude Dag siden
iphone is good but samsung is better
Mark Li
Mark Li Dag siden
The galaxy s21 ultra is better in camera, it is a big upgrade in Samsung devices, but galaxy S20 Ultra is still a great phone with 100 times zoom in camera which you cannot buy, but galaxy s21 ultra is the phone you should buy and galaxy s21 ultra is a lot better than galaxy S20 Ultra, the difference is not small, it is a massive difference between galaxy s21 ultra and galaxy S20 Ultra, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has improved something than iPhone 11 Pro Max, but iPhone 11 Pro Max is a great phone, but iPhone 12 Pro Max has improved more than iPhone 11 Pro Max, so get the galaxy s21 ultra and iPhone 12 Pro Max, now!
Lawrence Nonso
Lawrence Nonso Dag siden
I switched from Samsung S10 to iphone XR. Am done with Samsung or any other android phone.... Your iphone ring tone makes the difference....
Delicia Flynn
Delicia Flynn Dag siden
Have u tried any of the Nokia..
Review CBD
Review CBD Dag siden
Macro shots are very poor with s21 ultra compared to s10plus, sending mine back I think.
Dragoman Dag siden
i believe iphone 15 or 16 might have the same features as 21.Just wait a couple of years for apple to imitate them 😂
Craig Gamble
Craig Gamble Dag siden
I’ve switched back to iPhone after a year off. I had a p30 pro and the biggest thing I noticed between iPhone and Android was the complexity of the camera on android. For me it was just bad I couldn’t seem to get a good photo with that phone, I’d have to try multiple times to get one good shot. Whereas with the iPhone, it just did it. I took a photo and I could walk away knowing I didn’t have to worry the photo was blurry or some weird stuff had happened. So I’m glad to be back with iPhone
Jesús Mejía
Jesús Mejía Dag siden
It was fun and informative, yes!
MrNot Ryan
MrNot Ryan Dag siden
Let's see what happens with the newer Samsung
Rusty Romeo
Rusty Romeo Dag siden
Errr just fyi no offence but please do check huawei 40 series I am sure U’ll change ur statement best camera phones on the planet
Terry Piotrowski
Definitely prefer the Mic on the S21U, especially if you make use of the directional mic controls in pro mode
Arshi Ghosh
Arshi Ghosh Dag siden
Oh my godddd. You're so cuteee😍. I clicked on the only to see you face😍
Arshi Ghosh
Arshi Ghosh 17 timer siden
@Arshad Ahmed oh really can you tell me how exactly a girl should behave sir? And btw I was not talking about you there, so you can keep your craps with you and mind you own business.
s 19 timer siden
@Arshad Ahmed is she your wife?
Arshad Ahmed
Arshad Ahmed 19 timer siden
You are a girl. Behave like one. Don't be a tomboy.
Ken Brown
Ken Brown Dag siden
Sunkaji Syuba
Sunkaji Syuba Dag siden
This man always shocks me with his videos 😊😊
Nafi Zahar
Nafi Zahar Dag siden
Was hardcore android users here, but change to Iphone. Tired of my 108 megapixel android that doesn’t give good picture on instagram
Holly Long
Holly Long 2 dager siden
I have the 12 mini and am still very interested in this 😂
Mattheus Kley
Mattheus Kley 2 dager siden
I tried the S20 and FE, they sure CAN take better pictures than the iPhones, no question asked. But when I took a picture on either of those phones by taking them out of my pocket and simply capturing a picture they would mostly be either out of focus, wrong exposure, or something of the like; I really needed to tinker with stuff and then get effing great pictures. The iPhones are inferior imo, but most pictures I take "on the run" are okay to very good. Not going back to Samsung until they get good exynos chips or stop this region selecting bullsh*.
Mattheus Kley
Mattheus Kley 2 dager siden
If only Samsung sold the real deal here instead of the Exynos bullsh* I would have kept my S20 rather than swapping it for an IPhone...
mahdisanieitechnology 2 dager siden
VISHESH 2 dager siden
While gaming the camera annoys a lot to me but its a great phone
Pragyanjeet Sahu
Pragyanjeet Sahu 2 dager siden
You missed one poin, the selfie video of samsung have better dynamic range then the iPhone
CryptosRUs 2 dager siden
.W.h.a.t.S.App, +1 7 4 7 2 3 6 3 0 8 8.
CryptosRUs 2 dager siden
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It's Shahab Zeb qazi
It's Shahab Zeb qazi 2 dager siden
End result if you have the money buy iPhone that apple logo is enough.
Todikou 2 dager siden
Where does this guy live 😩😩 it’s so beautiful ✨✨
Sar's chanel
Sar's chanel 2 dager siden
He is sooooo handsome 🥰🥰😍
mihir vasava
mihir vasava 2 dager siden
Watching it on my redmi note 9 pro 😂😂😂
budap001 2 dager siden
Great video thank you
Maury Ballo
Maury Ballo 2 dager siden
I’m amazed with the details and the constructive approach of your expertise. It really gives me a very good idea on what to choose from between those 2 “leaders “. Well done and thank you!
bensoflyyy 2 dager siden
What smartphone as of feb. 2021 would you take to mars when you suddenly got chosen to be part of the online media coverage team, but you could only bring one smartphone to take photos and videos. You arrive january 2022.
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 2 dager siden
Justin's Cinema
Justin's Cinema 2 dager siden
Alexandru Strat
Alexandru Strat 2 dager siden
It's a thing. Keep them comin' 👍
Gamerboizz 2 dager siden
Look at the both sides in 0:34
Jader Vinícius Aragão
0 surprise
Dawn Rodriguez
Dawn Rodriguez 2 dager siden
I’m an Apple girl, but this was a really good video! 👍🏻
CryptosRUs 2 dager siden
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CryptosRUs 2 dager siden
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Norween Banayo
Norween Banayo 2 dager siden
10:14 That's Mrwhosetheboss' a$$
Herubel De La Rosa
Herubel De La Rosa 2 dager siden
Samsung S21 ultra💪💪💪
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 dager siden
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GO Well OJ
GO Well OJ 2 dager siden
Samsung Is LOVE❤
Christian Valdez
Christian Valdez 2 dager siden
Iphone makes you "cool" tho 😌
TheABCS Dag siden
people make fun of people for having a samsung and i don’t get it.
Tracey Duben
Tracey Duben Dag siden
Yeah sure....
Gabrielle Gallardo
Gabrielle Gallardo 2 dager siden
Bruh 5.8M people got Rick rolled and they didn't even notice it at 0:35
Felbert Inodio
Felbert Inodio 2 dager siden
even samsung s6 have best cameras for photos and videos. so does the s21 i guess
RAP MINT 2 dager siden
Agree I had Galaxy S6 edge nd it was great from camera side...
Parkay 2 dager siden
Best camera comparison video I ever watched
hudaiberdiev islombek
hudaiberdiev islombek 2 dager siden
Samsung is the killer in video and zoom and working wise thats all we need to know
Im bored
Im bored 2 dager siden
0:35 did- did he just- rick roll us?
Chike One
Chike One 2 dager siden
Samsung perfect until you put on that front facing camera inside your house and open snapchat🤮🤮
Manasses Atabong
Manasses Atabong 2 dager siden
Nothing or anybody in this world can’ convince me not to go for 12 pro max. I love this phone with all my heart. I just bought it.
marwan naser
marwan naser 2 dager siden
The I phone 12 pro max camera is much better
Johnmark Jmc
Johnmark Jmc 2 dager siden
Do processing speed test.. Give them heavy work to do and check time.
Gaurav Tewari
Gaurav Tewari 2 dager siden
Switched from iphone 12 to s21 ultra..damn the camera is a huge improvement especially the front camera
Sametcan Yılmaz
​@Kelvin Aditya ıdk seems to be developing
Kelvin Aditya
Kelvin Aditya Dag siden
Last using samsung s10. Really want to know is samsungs camera really improving? Im dead serious asking cause u know before s10 samsungs cannot beat iphone in camera
Sametcan Yılmaz
@Eren Yeager Samsung
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Dag siden
what's better?
Me after I got my account deleted By accident
This is one of the comparisons where the creator actually says one is better than the other and I like that
ZHC Fan 2 dager siden
That background looks so good
Gaming Forever
Gaming Forever 2 dager siden
Don’t compare S21ultra to iPhone 12 Pro Max because s21 ultra was released on 2021 and 12 Pro Max was released on 2020
Modern Napoleon
Modern Napoleon Dag siden
@Havens Guardian yeah !
Havens Guardian
Havens Guardian 2 dager siden
By a few months bud...lol not a whole year. It's the latest phone from both.
Jhonrey Paculba
Jhonrey Paculba 2 dager siden
What is the feeling of having a phone? Cause I used to play and sign in social media in a computer shop
ItsSimplyMe Airest
ItsSimplyMe Airest 2 dager siden
wow!!.thank you so much!! i will wait then for the enhancement of the videos, right now i'm still using my 67edge with broken LCD. Wanted to get either of these two, but I can't decide and also they are still both new release units therefire too pricy yet as of now. hmmm, so, need to deal with my broken phone.
CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks 2 dager siden
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CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks 2 dager siden
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