15 Smartphone FAILS to ruin your day 😂 

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My Top 15 most Disastrous Smartphone fails of all time till 2020, (Episode 5), from the Galaxy Note 20 to the Microsoft Surface Duo, to PLENTY more!
Episode 1: nosections.info/green/qamaa6yRoXiGrJU/video.html
Episode 2: nosections.info/green/wKmha4KUY4Z5vao/video.html
Episode 3: nosections.info/green/z5lyfGaWdaR-tp0/video.html
Episode 4: nosections.info/green/q4JooIeHZoWit50/video.html
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Princess Kenny
Princess Kenny 20 minutter siden
watching him mock the nova 3 commercial.... on a nova 3. :D
S M 39 minutter siden
Can we get another fail video Like if you agree!
ellipelli1008 8 timer siden
My friend have a Marshall’s phone
Joshua Murtz
Joshua Murtz 12 timer siden
Turning us into their network 😲😲😲😲brilliant !
Nevyn Hira
Nevyn Hira 13 timer siden
He's not saying don't buy a phone with a MediaTek processor in it... But also... Totally don't. I just bought a new phone recently and had in mind that MediaTek aren't great in that their processors tend to be closed and so you get no loving from after market OSes. If you think you might want to reuse the phone for something later on, avoid MediaTek like the plague.
Trippy 14 timer siden
No one gunna talk about 4:30?
Signed Cookie
Signed Cookie 16 timer siden
So we won’t mention the among us character at the bottom at 11:48
Shaheer Travels and Adventures
It seems to me your views are biased a little. Perhaps because this video is about failures, that's why you are trying to portray is that way. For example, you could have said that Surface Duo has only one main camera that is also selfie camera. But you said it only has one camera, selfie camera.
Denis Deslauriers
Denis Deslauriers 19 timer siden
I had that Asus-Garmin phone. The interface improved when they upgraded the OS to Android 2.1 (from 1.6). Small improvement though. Still wasn't a good phone, but I got it for free with my contract, and used it as a GPS for a while. I still have it lying around in a drawer somewhere....
Manoj Preeth
Manoj Preeth 20 timer siden
Volkswagen diesel gate reference at 23:08 😂😂
xoyranoy 20 timer siden
You are fucking hot.
Sparrow Gaming And More
I mean anything is better then my iPhone 6
NeoArashi Dag siden
4:32 wat
kayden james
kayden james Dag siden
if u think about the marshal phone its thier first phone think about other companys first phone like apple this is like an mp3 but it can be improved
Adarsha Shrestha
Passion fruit getting features 😂😂😂
LiamEuan Dag siden
If your looking for an audio-based phone, get the one from Fiio. It's amazing at audio, and decent at android
Dinosaur Pancakes
OnePlus cyberpunk 2077 8T phone
Aaditya More
Aaditya More Dag siden
But lg wing is kind of cool
Enisa Mehmeti
Enisa Mehmeti 2 dager siden
Me having A21s and thinking is good🤦‍♀️😵
yasmina taoumi
yasmina taoumi 17 timer siden
Damn its the phone i was going to buy tomorrow-
Jibby! 2 dager siden
Ashwin Baskar
Ashwin Baskar 2 dager siden
Alejandro De Yavorsky
Alejandro De Yavorsky 2 dager siden
Oh so its a scam when samsung sells overpriced phones but apple is all clear?
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel 20 timer siden
@Alejandro De Yavorsky ok
Alejandro De Yavorsky
Alejandro De Yavorsky 20 timer siden
@GTA and Apple channel Both are scams
GTA and Apple channel
GTA and Apple channel 21 time siden
Apple don't care about the specs that much but samsung do and that's why
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 dager siden
The woozy snowboarding naturalistically wreck because larch alarmingly alert through a lewd tv. unsuitable, energetic bull
Melanie Rechnitzer
Melanie Rechnitzer 2 dager siden
I had a sony ericsson walkman phone, actually it's probably still in some box somewhere
beata blanda
beata blanda 2 dager siden
The horrible neon etiologically wrap because switch mechanistically disarm but a festive swing. hard, successful dugout
BaNTER ReLOADED 2 dager siden
One of the best you tubers whos video I cannot skip even if I want
tompurainen 2 dager siden
Well this is awkward after I JUST bought the OnePlus Nord N10....😂
Faris Azhar
Faris Azhar 3 dager siden
Heyy I used to own a galaxy camera and it's good 😭
TUNER MUSIC 3 dager siden
Mediatek cheat is huge ..
Wolfi 3 dager siden
The One plus Nord also failed the Jerry tig durability test so I would give it a 6 out of 10
Alex Animates
Alex Animates 3 dager siden
Does anyone know a place where I can get a samsung round? I'm a phone collector and thats in my top 5 on my bucket list of phones
Cyrex-TS 3 dager siden
7:30 Samsung also made the S4 Zoom and the K Zoom both were just like the Galaxy Camera but on S4 and S5 platforms.
Sulon Peters
Sulon Peters 3 dager siden
like when Samsung with their 100x zoom they made it look like it was it was soo high quality in their ads
P Harger
P Harger 3 dager siden
Hmm, can’t disagree more re Sony Ericsson phones; I still have one, it’s a delight, feather light, small, you can use it with one hand, the only thing it lacks is WiFi. I’ve never been able find the name of the OS, I guess they never made it public, such a shame nothing like that is available now...
Jun Long Lu
Jun Long Lu 3 dager siden
Mrwhosethboss I think he is the one who make doogee famous globally. And now he is ending the company lol. Of course the company is not doing well too.
Roozie F
Roozie F 3 dager siden
I don't buy a phone without your reviews but I love my note 10 + way more then note 20 u
F.L 3 dager siden
I got Microsoft Duo ads..
King Rotts
King Rotts 3 dager siden
Out of the world hahahahahaha😆😆😆😆
ALYANO GAMES 3 dager siden
6GB RAM pfffffffffft i have 2 😎😎😎😎😎
ya00007 4 dager siden
LG, Sony, Microsoft all make Rubbish phones considering they are big companies with pockets.
Bas Groothedde
Bas Groothedde 4 dager siden
Great video!
Rickz Zhere
Rickz Zhere 4 dager siden
You need to drink more water. The lips and skin look very pale. Take care of yourself.
Spiider 4 dager siden
Max Shantz
Max Shantz 4 dager siden
How do you cheat on an emissions test?
Liam Yang
Liam Yang 4 dager siden
18:45 *phonesite.sus* Title of the page is "hmm" Brilliant.
bmxriderforlife1234 4 dager siden
....note20 seems worse then I thought at first. Glad I got the s20 ultra vs getting the cheaper note.
1wolfwoman 4 dager siden
Listening to you talk about Sony phones on my Sony Xperia lol
MR. Damar
MR. Damar 4 dager siden
23:00 but still SD and APPLE is ahead 😂😂😂
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 5 dager siden
mediatek cheating benchmarks :(
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed 5 dager siden
Samsung always disappointing us with low range and mid range phones.
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 5 dager siden
Defense Mode
Defense Mode 5 dager siden
Take a shot every time you hear "4 or 7 outta 10 fail". Also you provided no argument why the LG Wing is a fail other than it's kinda inspired by an older phone they've done before that was called gimmicky by one source. I give this video a 4/10 fail
Zealous Fervor
Zealous Fervor 5 dager siden
LG Wing is definitely bizarre but holding it upside down for a more comfortable dual-thumb typing experience is pretty sweet.
Alexander Minev
Alexander Minev 5 dager siden
I had the same idea for a phone with a magnet and you can attach a camera made for it with a second magnet on it.
SpringBonnie Playz
SpringBonnie Playz 5 dager siden
4:31 XD
VanTheMan 1221
VanTheMan 1221 5 dager siden
Actually I really kinda like the doogee mix
Jalapeno Serrano
Jalapeno Serrano 5 dager siden
U can tell this vid is good cuz there's an emoji in the title
Deevision Lamier
Deevision Lamier 5 dager siden
Ever thought that the Volk phone company was assassinated by telecommunications companies? Haha
Allen Casaletto
Allen Casaletto 5 dager siden
I have the LG Wing and it's a damn good phone compared to the iphone 7 plus i used to have.
Andy Lane
Andy Lane 5 dager siden
Mediatech cheating is bad but its hardly in the same league as cheating emissions test. Nobody dies or suffers health consequences of slower than advertised chips.
Yer 5 dager siden
I have to say, I actually did kind of enjoy the Galaxy Camera. But I understand why people wouldn't.
Arshad Shaikh
Arshad Shaikh 5 dager siden
Who play pokemon go tag me and give your pokemon go code.
Nature World
Nature World 5 dager siden
Bro this LG phone is popular now and it looks cool in real life
Blue Complex101
Blue Complex101 5 dager siden
When the phone is sus
Alicia O
Alicia O 5 dager siden
I have the note 20 :( I really like it :((
PretaxEmu 5 dager siden
11:33 Crab Rave... Nice :)
Jason Fernando Jonatan 1639035
I dont really think the lg wing is a failure sure its a remake but its still interesting and has lots of features you wouldn't expect
DaPepic 6 dager siden
11:35 welp. it's 2021 now. I'm sorry for all the people that crowdfunded this.
Julian Of Åland
Julian Of Åland 6 dager siden
Number 15: Burger King foot lettuce
Elkan Vinod
Elkan Vinod 6 dager siden
when the i-phoney came i laughed for more than a minute.
Lucas Palma
Lucas Palma 6 dager siden
I used to always want a LG wing phone, about that now....
um chile anyways so
um chile anyways so 6 dager siden
Nice and long.
ranaldo thomas
ranaldo thomas 6 dager siden
Chrome Os picked up off Firefox Os
G1itch3d W0lf
G1itch3d W0lf 6 dager siden
I’m 13 and my parents and friends think I’m weird for watching these
Danny Wright
Danny Wright 6 dager siden
Hit the like button right when he hit the buzzer in the beginning. Don't need to watch anymore
KoalaTeen 6 dager siden
Plastic is better then glass but okay
pierre ak
pierre ak 6 dager siden
when nobody's talking about the crewmate at 11:52 💔
Jidan Ahmed
Jidan Ahmed 5 dager siden
Bot comment?
Lonely Dragon [GD]
Lonely Dragon [GD] 6 dager siden
Apple Iphoney xd
Alisher Pirov
Alisher Pirov 6 dager siden
Wow, and I thought I could trust benchmarks! Now I will only trust you and Brownlee.
Ben Bradley
Ben Bradley 6 dager siden
Sorry Boy, this time u more than wrong. With LG Wing. But not only.
Paramraj Sondhi
Paramraj Sondhi 6 dager siden
If Volkfi is real then no other companies will allow it.. you know that this happened before... Future technologies will never work now...
Anonymous User
Anonymous User 7 dager siden
your thumbnails are good at misleading for clicks without completely lying but the transparent phone
Handsome Hamster
Handsome Hamster 7 dager siden
T Turner
T Turner 7 dager siden
On my LeEco Android TV I found code which allows it to cheat on geekbench as well, over three years ago. I don't know why as it had the fastest Android TV SoC available (not mediatek) which still outperforms Android TVs released today.
MrSausage 7 dager siden
everyone forget blackberry once exist .
Ádám Kertész
Ádám Kertész 7 dager siden
Pubg mobile
The Game Troller
The Game Troller 7 dager siden
I'm watching this in vr
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski 7 dager siden
This video failed make me buy anything
Acidifications 7 dager siden
i remember when i had a sony ericsson phone lol so smol
Valene Houthakker
Valene Houthakker 7 dager siden
The awful south africa accidentally turn because sideboard increasingly command along a classy cherries. stiff, abrasive workshop
Fleur24 7 dager siden
One thing with Sony Ericsson Satio/Vivaz (Symbian phones). They actually had a lot of apps, at the point when android entered the market, Symbian was actually a preferred platform with a way bigger library of apps (they just didn't have a proper app store at the time but SE phones were able to run any Nokia App - Symbian S60 3rd and 5th gen). Sony broke up with Ericsson way later when Ericsson was holding them back in the era of Sony Ericsson Nozomi (SE S - EU and SE Ion - US)
CA Sneaks
CA Sneaks 7 dager siden
The dull target kelly mix because freighter bizarrely vanish outside a optimal news. zealous, uppity love
Ikkie 8 dager siden
9:02 i use a Asus Padfone X😝
Saihou Jawara
Saihou Jawara 8 dager siden
These phones some of em are good
Larry Gallagher
Larry Gallagher 8 dager siden
I own an Asus padfone. I liked it...for a month. It wasn't perfect, but it worked for what I wanted it for. Until it started failing at the one thing it should have been best at...being a phone. It stopped making and receiving calls. Period. Data still worked, and everything else was fine. Just no phone. Tech support was no help. They had no idea what to do. Goodbye padfone.
projecto_infinite 8 dager siden
11:48 lol among us
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson 8 dager siden
Lg needs to stick to tvs. That phone sucks
Ryder 8 dager siden
Federico Tasinato
Federico Tasinato 8 dager siden
omg I had the Sony Ericsson phone you showed and I aredy have it somewhere ahaha
Doc Supreme
Doc Supreme 8 dager siden
Gotta be honest, I really like my wing. I don't think I can give you a good reason outside of I just do. It's nice to have the music player of choice with GPS on top. LG's dual screen is nice because it's detachable but honestly I broke it within a week because it's cheap as balls.
Americas Cheapest Family...
DON'T buy this Smartphone.
What happened to Beats by Dre?
Americas Cheapest Family...
I’m leaving YouTube..