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Possibly world's largest smartphone collection ever! Thank you SO much for 6 million subscribers - your support means the world to me :)
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 måneder siden
Thank you for 6 Million! ❤️
REMEMBER me 19 dager siden
Please gimme one phone 😢
Sahil Pasha
Sahil Pasha 26 dager siden
You seriously deserve it man
Azan & Ebadat
Azan & Ebadat Måned siden
I want one mobile please please please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Musika Prisma
Musika Prisma Måned siden
deserve it man ,
Snigdh Simalti
Snigdh Simalti 2 måneder siden
Mr. VeryBadCop
Mr. VeryBadCop 2 timer siden
If you have so many phones, you can give me one
Saffron Equestrian
Saffron Equestrian 4 timer siden
When I feel accomplished when I have 5 phones 🤣🤣🤣
mixture mix
mixture mix 5 timer siden
Did ya have to rickroll me?
Shuvankar Class 7 B
Shuvankar Class 7 B 7 timer siden
I love your room
Anthony Pena
Anthony Pena 10 timer siden
The oafish tugboat totally measure because granddaughter epidemiologically unite inside a drunk fibre. tricky, glib middle
BeatSaberPlayer 11 timer siden
The ending touched me so much because I have been subscribed since 100,000 subs. Congrats man!
animations animations
animations animations 13 timer siden
Me: I come from school and I need to relax MY PC: wh are ready for takeoff.
yeezsleez manualgang
yeezsleez manualgang 16 timer siden
The horrible element willy hang because shrimp randomly fire amid a instinctive oil. succinct, hoc quince
Mohammed Rekibi
Mohammed Rekibi 16 timer siden
Rich boi 101
Maaz Kamal
Maaz Kamal 16 timer siden
Robbing Aron Vs Robbing a bank. Robbing Aron would be more profitable. :D
yamete senpai
yamete senpai 18 timer siden
Plss give me phone
ruzaindaifullah 19 timer siden
I wish i was you
AVANEESHSHARMA C 19 timer siden
Can I please Get Any IPhone ANY For Online Classes
AVANEESHSHARMA C 19 timer siden
My Samsung Galaxy S1 Is Dying I Want any Android/Apple /mobile
No One
No One 19 timer siden
I have already watched this video before from my other account. But I logged into this account and came here just to like the video.
shako Nariman
shako Nariman 20 timer siden
I love this guy
HIYASHERE GAMING 21 time siden
8:08 Rick roll
Rashadul Islam
Rashadul Islam 22 timer siden
Love u bro, from bangladesh......🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jireh's Videos
Jireh's Videos 23 timer siden
Me: Small NOsectionsr Mrwhosetheboss: HUGE NOsectionsr Both: 5:37
Khayati Adem
Khayati Adem Dag siden
I wonder what phone he uses for his life
FUN fact
FUN fact Dag siden
Fun fact: the thumbnail isn't edited.
akam Dag siden
i want a one phone
Tech Tube
Tech Tube Dag siden
Hi 8am from srilanka you have some super phones you will give a phone for me under 100dolars 🥺
Tc Death PUBGM
Tc Death PUBGM Dag siden
Chaitanya Aditya D
vikrant parate
vikrant parate Dag siden
You are simply great. Love the way you review gadgets. Keep up the good work
Nawabi 19
Nawabi 19 Dag siden
Bro I am very poor I need one mobile plesse give me one mobile i will be very thank ful to you
john cao
john cao Dag siden
The short consonant endogenously expand because dibble histologically scorch opposite a melted tsunami. selfish, elated magician
Farhan Chowdhury
Giveway some phone
user_user user_user
Love the place and how Arun creatively designed it!😍
John Halliday
John Halliday Dag siden
That got really emotional at the end
Paul Noone
Paul Noone Dag siden
Any chance of getting a free iPhone 12 please 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Michael Clay
Michael Clay Dag siden
Aww man go ahead and make a little more room and help the less fortunate im still using the note 5 the screen separating and is cracked in 6 places not to mention all the other things and problems and need one bad and don't care what type or what look like even if was Escobar thats been ripped apart lol but if I'm not lucky enough to get one then I would love to get one of your hats autographed I actually have a case that would be perfect for it but I know I'm not lucky enough for any of that to happen so keep up the awesome work and know we got ur back and believe in you even if you don't and you will pass those numbers way before the end of the year so keep doing what you are doing and can't wait for next video 👌👍
Lemon Roses
Lemon Roses Dag siden
Craft Crew TV
Craft Crew TV Dag siden
when you're making a good content, you have good fans, but you are making extremely good content, the loving community is the result of your hard work!
Bts boy scouts
Bts boy scouts Dag siden
i just wanted to know how rich are you damnnnn
tech pradeep
tech pradeep Dag siden
op bro i love your style
Dev ke
Dev ke Dag siden
Hey boss , gimme one to Madagascar, please
Omer key
Omer key Dag siden
great video man
Caleb Mayes
Caleb Mayes Dag siden
'The number of times I wanted to pick this thing up and use it as a lightsaber. Yeah. Let's not go there'
Glacxy Plays
Glacxy Plays Dag siden
He has 400+ phones. I have 1.
Dave 2 dager siden
How many Rick rolls can you do lol
Megh Mahir
Megh Mahir 2 dager siden
Whose tears dropped at the last of the video
Shawn Shins
Shawn Shins 2 dager siden
who is the camera man?
Muthusamy Kasthuri
Muthusamy Kasthuri 2 dager siden
Hey arun can you please tell me which app are you using to do videos
Tawanda Zigara
Tawanda Zigara 2 dager siden
hey MrWhoseTheBoss don't you want to give out some of the phones
EXE SNITCH 2 dager siden
Can i get any of your collection :(
live life love life
live life love life 2 dager siden
Can you sent a game phone for me please a fan from Trinidad and Tobago
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 2 dager siden
He gave up on rick
balogun akande
balogun akande 2 dager siden
Hmmmm.... We are almost there.
RealPEACE 2 dager siden
When are you going to put them on sale?
Bryson 2 dager siden
Can I have a iPhone 11? And your welcome
Craft Crew TV
Craft Crew TV Dag siden
Bryson 2 dager siden
Chandu box
Chandu box 3 dager siden
Through a phone for me ... 🎃
STARTERS GAMING 3 dager siden
I think, i am reach in paradise of smartphones for sometime
vijay shaastha
vijay shaastha 3 dager siden
might be my dream house
Stark Madhesh
Stark Madhesh 3 dager siden
Arun is Rick rolling us in almost all of his videos 😂
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques 3 dager siden
I love this guy
Toby Tyler
Toby Tyler 3 dager siden
are you going to do a review on the Xioami RedMI note 9s
Deepak Thakur
Deepak Thakur 3 dager siden
Give me any one from your collection
King Omi
King Omi 3 dager siden
192 gb of ram..wtf man😂🤣🤣..
King Omi
King Omi 3 dager siden
Wtf-wt a fantasy Everyone have😂🤣
Debajit Daimari
Debajit Daimari 3 dager siden
Sir please give me one flagship ios device I don't have money to buy it
EMAD AMIR 4 dager siden
Can you give me one 😂😂 Love from pakistannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Keshav Taneja
Keshav Taneja 4 dager siden
The thumbnail must be hard to click.
Keon Manogura
Keon Manogura 4 dager siden
Kid: do you have games on your phone Mrwhosetheboss: which one?
twin one
twin one 4 dager siden
just give them away
lili laila
lili laila 4 dager siden
please can you give me.one
Brailey Potter
Brailey Potter 4 dager siden
It’s so crazy how you been on here for 9 years
Sieone Aka brad
Sieone Aka brad 4 dager siden
If you think that mackbook is loud just look at my PS4 pro that I have had for a couple of years
Jameel Plays
Jameel Plays 4 dager siden
Arun 10 years later: Unboxing an IPhone 30 pro Congrats arun
ame ghumman
ame ghumman 4 dager siden
Hy I have been facing issues with the new 12 pro max microphone . It stop working for voice memo app, whatsaap voice memo , call on speaker and works fine for camera app and regular voice call. I have been looking for a fix and came to know on different forums that I m not the only one to face this issue and I have searched a lot on the youtube but no one has made the video about this issue . There isn’t any problem with app permission or anything I also reset all settings and no luck yet . Plz do make a video about this issue . This is so annoying.
Rohit Ghali
Rohit Ghali 4 dager siden
This video made me smile... A genuine smile... The most perfect tech channel I've seen till date. Close competetor is dave2d. Made me smile after a long time.
SBK SINCE 2001 4 dager siden
No radiation problems ah bro???
M E L O N 4 dager siden
shafiq ali
shafiq ali 5 dager siden
Can i get one smartphone Cause my mobile is to bad
ziga ziggz
ziga ziggz 5 dager siden
O n i o n A n i m a t e d
I love all the Rick Astley references
Emmanouel Kanellis
Emmanouel Kanellis 5 dager siden
Why a macbook though
George Rigby
George Rigby 5 dager siden
Go Arun! I try and spot every rickroll in each video lol
ImTooWolfPro-_- G
ImTooWolfPro-_- G 5 dager siden
I see that ps5 back there
Chandrani Malkanthi
Chandrani Malkanthi 5 dager siden
Good job
Chandrani Malkanthi
Chandrani Malkanthi 5 dager siden
I like i phone but no money to buy it
H DOGG Tolbert
H DOGG Tolbert 5 dager siden
You are like the god of tech and i look up to you for that and it is my dream also to review tech and have a cabinet full of phones and a room full of tech.Thanks man for always posting content to get me excited for the upcoming 10 - 20 min i appreciate that. Hey and if you ever need a camera man just call me up and i will be there. Thanks, Harper
Al-Azim Mahmud
Al-Azim Mahmud 5 dager siden
we all got rickrolled
Renz Legaspi
Renz Legaspi 5 dager siden
Just sub like a month ago and then I watched this. You deserve it.
Melonmeep123 5 dager siden
Watching this just reminds me how poor I am
Abu Dzar Hamdan
Abu Dzar Hamdan 6 dager siden
Is the Mic on top of you really important for better sound of your voice?
Ronnie Ketchum
Ronnie Ketchum 6 dager siden
Arham Imran
Arham Imran 6 dager siden
Beautiful video !
TeknoScience 6 dager siden
Walter Bowers
Walter Bowers 6 dager siden
The bizarre balinese hypothetically fax because brown unfortunately type except a future futuristic math. cautious, bawdy intestine
Ziad Skafi
Ziad Skafi 6 dager siden
I love that his trash is a pic of Rick Astley 12:16
INTRASERVER 6 dager siden
Nice video tour from your studio room. I'm really glad you let us to see it and share how you did setup. This is very useful for new tech youtubers.
Falling Enity YT
Falling Enity YT 6 dager siden
13:15 He Says Hes Quiting NOsections
Callmeluffy Pirate King
Levy Njuka
Levy Njuka 6 dager siden
List me up when clearing your inventory next bro...
Levy Njuka
Levy Njuka 6 dager siden
Jayden Becerra
Jayden Becerra 6 dager siden
*sees PS5*
Tee Va
Tee Va 6 dager siden
Omg.😍...wish i have those...i wish a have a greater phone as 80% of the all phones there are better than mine.😅
Atharva Anil Kavale
Atharva Anil Kavale 6 dager siden
Just imagine how grand the giveaway will become😂😂
the Pumpkinhead
the Pumpkinhead 6 dager siden
Me to my poor self: I should make up a sad story and ask for a phone. 😵😵😂😂
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I bought every iPhone ever.
Our Stalker Texted Us...
I’m leaving YouTube..
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