What you didn't know about Xiaomi. 

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You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...
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18. feb.. 2021





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Mrwhosetheboss 7 dager siden
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Nehal Latifi
Nehal Latifi 12 timer siden
KMK 21 time siden
Where is new video ? waiting...
davis githinji
davis githinji Dag siden
Am here still waiting for the next video. Got me wondering why haven't you released a video for whole 6 days ?? A week has passed and no notification from your channel
Surya Govind
Surya Govind Dag siden
Hey Arun..waiting for your next video...😁😁
Crossin Kyle
Crossin Kyle Dag siden
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Lex Legend
Lex Legend 2 timer siden
C H 2 timer siden
Wow! You must've got paid a fortune for this. Fantastic advertisement, and very well done.
Omar Bintang
Omar Bintang 2 timer siden
As an indonesian, I pronouced xiaomi as 'siomay', yupp yummy
Sri Ramya
Sri Ramya 3 timer siden
I like how you say " a sub to the channel would be ......" Pretty creative though
M Arceus
M Arceus 3 timer siden
This video is secretly sponsored by motorola
thinkpadx60 3 timer siden
You cringe too 📢
Caio Santos
Caio Santos 3 timer siden
They have a dog, I'm sold, there are no other options anymore
Sr Lax
Sr Lax 3 timer siden
19 Eastern Europe thing isn't about the "brands", it's about the price/preformance and if you mix that with the economic crysis you can see them on the top of those countries.
Tameem Dari
Tameem Dari 3 timer siden
12:50 you just pulled a MKBHD on us
Rise829 3 timer siden
Pls give me oneplus 8t pls..
Rise829 3 timer siden
Pls give me a phone pls ..
Mohammad Ahmad
Mohammad Ahmad 4 timer siden
I remember MI UI, it was gorgeous at the time, I wondered once if it was the same company but thought nah, just similar names, damn!
Amir Rahimov
Amir Rahimov 4 timer siden
Syao meE
Jahswill Osita
Jahswill Osita 4 timer siden
Show-er me😁. Please tell xaiomi to shower me with some mi 11🙏🏼🤣🤣
iWorkout 5 timer siden
To the 1% reading may you become successful this year 🙏 I want to be a big youtuber one day
Anurag Gurjar
Anurag Gurjar 6 timer siden
Well done Most professional person I have ever seen.
Vuk i Mica
Vuk i Mica 6 timer siden
Ifrag69 6 timer siden
2:15 ME yeah boi good internet internet : oh yeah lets mess with em me : bad ping in real life me fall bad it hurting till today
N3STRo 6 timer siden
I do love my xiaomi phone, love MIUI.. But unfortunately couldn't get it connected with MetroPCS(T-Mobile) in the US. Also the wifi antenna was very very slow.. Not sure why.. my home wifi is 150mbps, but on that phone, it wouldn't go over 20mbps.. other than those things..i loved my Redmi 8
ph34r inovade
ph34r inovade 6 timer siden
the only thing i'm worried about chinese company well, as long their top dog doesnt "offense" chinese goverment, usually it's fine if not... well
Rishav Kumar
Rishav Kumar 6 timer siden
a similar video for microsoft.....
Citaro SR
Citaro SR 7 timer siden
12:10 they also have black Shark
Citaro SR
Citaro SR 7 timer siden
The real one is not shower me but see-ouch (without the "ch") me
Francis Marino
Francis Marino 7 timer siden
I am not fan of Chinese products, I find the relationship between companies and politics there questionable to say the least. Now when it was the utmost time to change my old Samsung S7 I started looking for a new one, but I was just sick and tired of their bloatware, so I started to look for a Pixel or a Motorola, but the problem is that they are not officially sold here in Ecuador, and buying them online makes you prone to either huge markups or outright scams. I was giving up and starting to purchase a new Samsung, but I found this "Poco" phone with an impressive spec sheet and a price tag of pretty much half of a Samsung equivalent. Just when I started to use the phone I discovered it was a Xiaomi, and I am pretty happy so far. The ads are really annoying, but as the host said they can fortunately be turned off. I think Apple, Samsung and even Huawei are sleeping too much on their success and reach; Xiaomi is taking over fast!
RIGENSTEIN 8 timer siden
"you turns us on"....well I see someone is enjoying the rumble function a bit too much
Chloe Xi
Chloe Xi 9 timer siden
I thought you were going to say Chinese people Ok but also I can't stand people saying things wrong
Bilal Shaikh
Bilal Shaikh 9 timer siden
hello Arun, i know its a bit late but could you do The 2021 Voice Assistant Battle?
MixFlipz 9 timer siden
I like xiaomi phone I Can even use it as remote for any device with remote as it has built-in IR
Majesty Uber Red
Majesty Uber Red 9 timer siden
To my belief, Xiaomi are more than just a smartphone manufacturer from factory floor level. Ever seen them make children's toys, home appliances, and such? That is how big that company is and their venture is far broader than say Apple.
Prateek Khatiwada
Prateek Khatiwada 9 timer siden
Love from nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵
The Melting Cube
The Melting Cube 9 timer siden
Dislikes are from *iPhone* users
Hugh W
Hugh W 10 timer siden
Oh yeah you did spell your channel wrong i never notice that lol
HapipapsTV 10 timer siden
watching this on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S
Shaider 10 timer siden
Wow what a great brand xiaomi fan here in phils...👍😎👌
Weibser Adano
Weibser Adano 11 timer siden
do one about vivo!!!! ❤️
Shervin Gooneh
Shervin Gooneh 11 timer siden
Surprised they didn’t eat the dog... “dogorana-19”
GamingX_33 13 timer siden
I had a Xiaomi Redmi 4X and ppl thought it was an I Phone lol
Joe Rogan PodFantasy
Joe Rogan PodFantasy 13 timer siden
In the US they need to start spending on marketing , which would mean America will either have a higher priced phone compared to the same phone in another country. But I think they just need to build a few pop up stores around America with all their products free to experiment for people. At this point lack of marketing and lack of presence makes them hard to find. People who find Xiaomi are people who are looking for value, and what makes them stay is quality. In America people are not generally looking for Value hence the Iphone can cost even 2k and people will still pay. So they need to change their approach when approaching the US market. It will be easier for them to approach Europe, but I think physical stores and marketing will change the game for them. They are already doing marketing pretty well. Xiaomi has huge growth potential cause they make a lot of products which are of high quality. I think they need to solidify their brand and focus a little more. Build less stuff but build for 3 price ranges and stick to those.
Joe Rogan PodFantasy
Joe Rogan PodFantasy 13 timer siden
Just say MI it's simpler it's cleaner drop the Shao XIAO nonsense.
Scales & Moore
Scales & Moore 15 timer siden
pr0xZen 15 timer siden
I remember snooping on the first couple of phones they came out with. In context, it was obvious this company was going places.
Sobia Yaseen
Sobia Yaseen 16 timer siden
I wish people like you would review cheaper smart watches so people like me could buy😃eg fk98 and hw21
roland 16 timer siden
As a ukrainian, literally every person in our country has xiaomi smartphone, they're very popular there!
Sai Aditya Reddy Junoothula
Where is the next video?!!
The Game Changer
The Game Changer 16 timer siden
It’s been a week arun...up something!
Anton Mikhailovski
Anton Mikhailovski 16 timer siden
I'm from Ukraine 🇺🇦 and I use Xiaomi phone.)
Nick Usalis Knight
Nick Usalis Knight 16 timer siden
I have owned 7 Xiaomi phones, and they have always been great. (my family members take them). Apple and Samsung are for suckers
Tomaxy 16 timer siden
Me : when Arun upload;(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Nungnung L
Nungnung L 17 timer siden
Is it still worth to buy iqoo3 5g in 2021?
Celine Vergan
Celine Vergan 17 timer siden
Cyber_plot on îñštägřäm...... Restored my disabled account perfectly.......
Celine Vergan
Celine Vergan 17 timer siden
Cyber_plot on îñštägřäm...... Restored my disabled account perfectly.......
Sheldon Pentz
Sheldon Pentz 17 timer siden
Love all the tech Insites into the phones and manufacturers. The specs of the Xiaomi phones are great at fraction of the cost of other phones.
Asishana Albert
Asishana Albert 18 timer siden
I keep wondering, how does he sleep ? He works like one who never sleeps.
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 18 timer siden
The juicy chord cytochemically attach because invention largely list behind a incandescent linda. elastic, boundless teeth
Plz do a review about "Oppo x 2021"
robert haba
robert haba 18 timer siden
Too bad they don't offer software updates ...
Goodgu 18 timer siden
I think the big reason that Xiaomi hasn't expanded as much in western cultures is their government and it's dominant political party the CCP. Any company in China, especially one that deals with so much personal information, is going to be very heavily regulated and influenced by the government. Their massive jump in popularity, while maybe not due to their government is definitely approved by it. Meaning that users outside of China have very valid security concerns. Not to mention their less than moral business practices when it comes to copying designs from companies like Apple. I personally would likely look at buying a Xiaomi phone, if it wasn't for the reasons above.
mil3k 18 timer siden
VEM m 18 timer siden
But commission Gorden, can we trust them?
Tarek Ahmed
Tarek Ahmed 18 timer siden
Why are you inboxing xiaomi redmi 9 😌
Lulu Maha
Lulu Maha 19 timer siden
Mi products have tracking malware
rakesh chand
rakesh chand 19 timer siden
Shout out to Nepal
Ryan Clouse
Ryan Clouse 19 timer siden
Xiaomi does have some decent cheap earbuds. I still enjoy my Xiaomi Piston 3's xP
AK CHINA EXPLORER 19 timer siden
Beautiful Explanation :)
Abhishek Naranje
Abhishek Naranje 19 timer siden
Waiting for a new video since 6 days
HerkuzPlayz 19 timer siden
Me watching this on a xiaomi phone: Noice
Khalid Mohammed
Khalid Mohammed 19 timer siden
yamete senpai
yamete senpai 19 timer siden
Plss give me phone
2O5 17 timer siden
Get a job
charlene aguirre
charlene aguirre 19 timer siden
The dapper sweatshirt lily gaze because ocelot preoperatively suspend up a black-and-white dragon. gray greasy great, pastoral ocean
Benvel Music
Benvel Music 19 timer siden
Their phones are buggy AF but give good value for the price.
POTUS 20 timer siden
Fook china
James Campbell
James Campbell 20 timer siden
For anyone interested, I've started making videos! Swing by if you have the time. All support is welcome! Cheers x
DRONE HDTV 20 timer siden
I had one once and was great. camera was bad but sure now ok
GAMER - UJJWAL MAX 20 timer siden
1:18 Nepal❤️
Alexandra Jabour
Alexandra Jabour 21 time siden
Hey hi dude
GANGSTER BOSS 21 time siden
I AM ՏᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴ,Տ TᕼIՏ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT ᗩᑎᗪ ՏᑌᗷՏ TO ᗰᗴ ᗷᗩᑕK.
Irfan Yang
Irfan Yang 21 time siden
They even bloat the amount of their stores
Vulcan Horuseus
Vulcan Horuseus 21 time siden
Noticed how mkbhd hasn't posted in a week?
Geeta Belgumpi
Geeta Belgumpi 21 time siden
Make a new video on redmi note 10 brother
Jayden Montes
Jayden Montes 21 time siden
I used to call xiaomi Zia O MI
Central Processing Unit
Richard Vacanti
Richard Vacanti 22 timer siden
Oh I could see is another great video
Richard Vacanti
Richard Vacanti 22 timer siden
I like there MiBox . It’s an android TV box for streaming.
** 22 timer siden
I guessed you spelled your username here on purpose too, Mr. W. Hose The Boss. You're obviously a huge fan of those water hose sprinkler toys for kids, Mr. Water Hose!
Keaton Dickens
Keaton Dickens 23 timer siden
Xiaomi is now band by Donald trump
** 23 timer siden
Never heard of "Xiaomi" before. Have seen the ultra cheap bargain bin Mi phones. Guess that's what happens when you don't shop for a new phone every year, or 5 years, or decade. I'm missing out on so much tracking & privacy invasion...
My small hobby
My small hobby 23 timer siden
Hey mr. Boss. I'm just going to write this under this video cuz, it's the last one that I saw :) I like your videos. They are infomative and generally very fun to watch. I know from experiance that to make good videos or content is a challenge. I also know that honest and kind comments go a long way :) I found your channel because I wanted more info on samsung galaxy s21. Still not sure that is worth 1300 eur but hey... it is what it is
TU TU 23 timer siden
അരുൺ ഏട്ടൻ പോളി അണ് 😂
sree's origami
sree's origami 23 timer siden
I really miss your old intro 🙂
Nil Tavarez
Nil Tavarez 23 timer siden
Xiaomi is great!!!!
Dhanusha Agarwal
Dhanusha Agarwal 23 timer siden
Did you know you get the notification in the dream about Arun has put a video and you haven't seen it since 6 DAYS!
G2 Roshan Joe
G2 Roshan Joe Dag siden
Why has your upload schedule slowed something big upcoming
Jake P
Jake P Dag siden
$2 profit? Plus selling a few services and ads? That still doesn’t come close to cutting it for an international tech company with probably massive R&D spend. I’m sure there’s more software they’re selling but they’re probably also in bed with the Chinese government working to hoover up customer data
Thomas Dag siden
Jed Unboxing
Jed Unboxing Dag siden
just like any other chinese products, copy that do already exists and already successful, but sell it for less but sell more quantity to compensate, and thats how they did it,
AN NGUYEN Dag siden
The combative protest contradictorily boil because cockroach macropharmacologically question past a savory illegal. overrated, hungry production
Mathew Coats
Mathew Coats Dag siden
love your videos but could you do more reviews on other tech besides phones speaker air pods doing just phones gets a bit boring
Aaron Dela Cruz
Aaron Dela Cruz Dag siden
asian: wow, beautify on camera! me literally asian who hates beutify filters on camera: where's my fkin pores!!???
Robot Gamerz bd
Robot Gamerz bd Dag siden
7:30 rick roll . I didn't expected that
Poco X3 - The Shady Truth.
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