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Just a heads up to double check where you get your info from - Fake Tech and smartphone Reviews exist!
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9. jan.. 2021





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TomasVolley 3 timer siden
Well spoken!
ItzMeStarlight 6 timer siden
fun fact, Arun rickrolled us
Phoenix Wright
Phoenix Wright 13 timer siden
When he said photo and rick astley popped up I died
Turtle Shell
Turtle Shell 14 timer siden
I loved the rickroll
YT 19 timer siden
Hell no! He Rick Roll us all at 2:31
Kai Playz
Kai Playz Dag siden
Bro if you wanna give phones I just wanted a mi 10i or 10t or 11 if you wish it would make my birthday epic anyways what's in imagining I know I can't get one though anyways nice video bro bye
John Lennon Alfonso
why rickroll man
master pogi
master pogi Dag siden
Been watching this channel for several years now. I like his honest opinions, whether appreciation for the phone's good features or straight up criticism of the not-so-good things. Keep it up Arun! Cheers from Manila
RuthlessPlayer. TV
2:30 smooth rickroll
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 Dag siden
8:10 thanks for the advise arun but I’ve spam to many to delete all of them now
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 Dag siden
These creator include tech buzz and others I don’t know the name of
Raijincfat 77
Raijincfat 77 Dag siden
2:30 we just got Rickrolled. noooooooo!!!
krysta kizito
krysta kizito Dag siden
Tech buzz
AS Gaming from The Samers
you know who turns off comments? Apple :D
AS Gaming from The Samers
everyone who has disliked have been those scammers
KatakGaming 2 dager siden
CCPDie支那死ね 2 dager siden
At least I expect some coverage on the influence of brands on the "opinion" of youtubers
Emerald Phantom
Emerald Phantom 2 dager siden
the hat in the thumbnail is zoom's filter LOL😂
Vishruth PS reddy
Vishruth PS reddy 2 dager siden
is noone gonna talk about the number of times arun rickrolled us?
Sir Awesome
Sir Awesome 2 dager siden
Thank you bro. My time is valuable
Patrick baby NOOOb
Patrick baby NOOOb 2 dager siden
gekloi guys fgyujvj u oi like sfgortnite oits figood game4 u i have purplr gooul trooper ij m og
Patrick baby NOOOb
Patrick baby NOOOb 2 dager siden
ekkihiolollo gjitb ygdjut
Patrick baby NOOOb
Patrick baby NOOOb 2 dager siden
vhgvyu yuu 9iy i8u iu9 '
5 - A Kunal Panda
5 - A Kunal Panda 2 dager siden
Imagine if this video was fake and he was april fooling us.
Ketha Sreekar
Ketha Sreekar 2 dager siden
5:52 tho namaskar dosto mera naam hai gaurav aap dekh rahe hai technical guruji tho chaliye shuru karte hai!
Nigeltgg 3 dager siden
All the dislikes are from the "FAKE REVIEWERS"
Trish M.
Trish M. 3 dager siden
Totally unrelated to the video: I like listening to your content but I dont watch most of the vid coz you look so much like my ex. Hahaha
R.I Sami
R.I Sami 3 dager siden
dude you're great
Mantian600 Greenlandia
Darit I got Rick roll 6 time ☹️💯👌
snow white
snow white 3 dager siden
you are the best honest reviewer and tech analysis ever! and thank you for always give us knowledge!
strousegn frahm
strousegn frahm 3 dager siden
The tasteless wool mechanistically correct because turn habitually jog unto a teeny maria. physical, true behavior
josir1994 3 dager siden
I thought it would be covering "sponsored review" instead of this very obvious fake things, or does a high trust society just trust whatever they're presented with even at this low quality?
Alexander Hanekam
Alexander Hanekam 3 dager siden
I have a A8 and the camera is not good
Obama 3 dager siden
Why u rickroll me???? 2:31
John T.
John T. 3 dager siden
Hello Arun, you must name those fake channels or make a claim to NOsections.! Fake news is not legal. Keep hard work!
Thisum Bro
Thisum Bro 3 dager siden
Spencer J Smith
Spencer J Smith 3 dager siden
My charging cable just broke
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 3 dager siden
The ethereal middle morphometrically want because hall pharmacokinetically punish pro a ubiquitous trombone. zonked, two cardigan
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 4 dager siden
Rick Roll
Ken Brown
Ken Brown 4 dager siden
Tin Man
Tin Man 4 dager siden
Thier are even people saying Dio saved jiorno wtf
Tin Man
Tin Man 4 dager siden
I think the solution would be to give reward for reporting these kinds of things. These will create tech boundy hunters. And also fine. I am fed up with a the fake stuff on youtube, clickbait, and what not.
Nawar Sabah
Nawar Sabah 4 dager siden
2:19 is the most fake channel for phones reviews i have ever encountered on youtube.
Cuppcake d
Cuppcake d 4 dager siden
Ok 2:06 Oh I live in Georgia but we don’t have that shit there Like the building
kunal shirodkar
kunal shirodkar 4 dager siden
Thank you anna
Raj Karunadasan
Raj Karunadasan 4 dager siden
5:14 That is Techbuzz channel
Daniel Blair
Daniel Blair 4 dager siden
ALL NOsectionsRS Stop asking people to subscribe and hit the notification Bell they should hit personalize on the notification Bell so you don't get screwed over by NOsections
spinachpies 4 dager siden
I think we should leave hate comments. They are trying to deceive people.
49iq 4 dager siden
Conclusion : Don't trust apple because they have comments disabled
TIMOTHY BROWN7 4 dager siden
To be honest though, not everyone wants to show their face on a public NOsections channel which is understandable! so that doesnt necessarily indicate the information they are providing is fake. although channels where comments are disabled, may be a cause for concern as you say.
K MURALI KRISHNA 4 dager siden
Well I don't think companies have right to enforce review
ChocoStream 4 dager siden
I know one Fake tech reviewer and they really are but hurt about apple and will never give an honest opinion about them, plus I and many others still never got their phone giveaway... You probably know who I'm talking about UNBOXTHERAPY !! SELL-OUT AND SCAMMER!
Bryan Sabater
Bryan Sabater 4 dager siden
2:30 Arun is rickrolled us 😅🤣😂
Mantian600 Greenlandia
6time OMG
PainHead Gaming
PainHead Gaming 5 dager siden
2:30 you know the rules and so does he
M lagrana
M lagrana 5 dager siden
Damn, this boss is awesome.
Vishnu Vip
Vishnu Vip 5 dager siden
Cap is back💥💥✨
Vishnu Vip
Vishnu Vip 5 dager siden
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 5 dager siden
9:11 that croco logo is what my dad's shirt used long time ago
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 5 dager siden
4:47 simp
Oliverdev Pfister
Oliverdev Pfister 5 dager siden
Did anyone else realize that he in like every video shows Astley Rick: "never gonna give up"?
Petrica Calin
Petrica Calin 5 dager siden
You have 100% right about what are you saing.Greate video man.Good job.
Nurcan Maras
Nurcan Maras 5 dager siden
Quantum fizzisist Comment if you know that reference 🤔
MusicMaster 709
MusicMaster 709 5 dager siden
I feel like most reviewers these days are filled with clickbait these days. I prefer to test a phone (or any product) out for myself before making my purchase.
horntuga 5 dager siden
this video color vibe is like an music video
The Horizontal Coalition
I always come back to your channel, keep it up buddy.
Cataesthetic 6 dager siden
Should i switch to samsung?
MacZHplayz 6 dager siden
Also theres fake reviewers on play store tooo
Kevin 6 dager siden
Your sarcasm is spot on, loving the videos they're always helpful and brings a smile to my face.
Dhruvil Mehta
Dhruvil Mehta 6 dager siden
Thank you for sharing this with us.
Easton’s Tech Tube
Easton’s Tech Tube 6 dager siden
Cheers from Ohio in America! Keep up the great work👍
user_user user_user
user_user user_user 6 dager siden
They do need to be called out! Thanks Arun!!😍
karura 6 dager siden
Dude just rickrolled us for the funni
CringeWorthyGames 6 dager siden
The guy that did the S9+ vs IPhone X video is called TechBuzz.
Yeetus Baboon
Yeetus Baboon 6 dager siden
2:31 I swear he takes the time to rickroll us WITH EVERY VIDEO.
Adam Zawadzki
Adam Zawadzki 6 dager siden
i followed linus tech tip on a alienware laptop he said its great so i got one, he never said anything about the cpu hitting 100c temp. dont trust even large youtubers
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 6 dager siden
Essy Chilcutte
Essy Chilcutte 6 dager siden
You're not entirely correct about the cannot make blur in the background if you use the manual focus you actually can get more of a Boca especially on a close up shot like that that's the only comment otherwise I think you're 100% correct I just saw that and it was like you know that's not true it's the idea you're using the same camera in the same way and I think that's something that a lot of brands do deceptive as well Speaking of comparing cameras and creating content I would really like to see you collaboration with Dee Nimmin And I think you should reach out to vid summit it's owned by Mr Beast it's a great event I think you would fit in very well I worked for them and they just had a wonderful culture of people you're very much the type of person that would do really well networking it's probably going to be in Los Angeles and in September in theory Honestly even if you're not a public speaker at that event because there's people who have millions of subscribers in the audience I would say just come anyway meet some of the people it's kind of expensive but worth it I've barely gotten out the gate as NOsections person myself but I'm doing really well like financially and personally because I just had an amazing amount of support and I know you don't have time to help all the channels that want to ask you for help or give freebies to everybody who's asking And there's this weird sense of entitlement a lot of young people have online especially but they do grow out of it and a lot of times how they grow out of it is listening to creators like yourself finding the value they bring I think you have a really positive message I literally only found you because I was shopping for a phone I was considering getting an iPhone 12 pro because lighter I'm considering getting an Ipad pro versus an iPhone pro and it's all about that lidar scanner and being able to sculpt the iPad and iPhone work pretty seamlessly together so I might be switching from Samsung lifelong to iPad Apple And it's funny because arguably the 21 or whatever it is now is a better phone but better isn't always better my dad used to always say there is no such thing as better only different and I like to think that the camera that matters is the camera you use So for me it's a jumping off point I got the s7s years ago with the intention to start filming The entire process was a nightmare the phone was out of stock places I ordered it and my order got canceled I tried to go to the store to buy it and they wouldn't let me process it because it I had ordered it I literally ended up paying for it and having my money held up for weeks So eventually got my phone for my completely different company because I wasn't going to deal with that company anymore well the company I deal with they overcharged me it was supposed to be a buy one get one free I ended up getting charged not once not twice but three times for one phone I got the second phone supposedly free I took years trying to get that first overcharge refunded and then the BOGO deal they eventually did honor it I jumped through all these hoops to do an insurance claim and I never got my phone fixed or replaced so I have had this broken phone for 4 years because of bad customer service from a phone company I've been through so much with them I've been on the phone so many times it's been a complete and utter nightmare so shopping for a phone is very intimidating to me it's actually made purchasing stuff of this nature really hard for me it makes it really hard because there's that whole excitement and anticipation you have before you buy something that hope where you're actually really happy and that excitement when you get an item I don't have that anymore like that part of me has broken and I struggle so much because I am so scared of everything so it has been wonderful to find you I know your video side by side comparing iPhone and Samsung you came up with reasons for both phones and you are very kind but I do think you leaned towards favoring the Samsung for overall camera quality and the iPhone for all for all usability And that was enough for me you took the fear of buying a phone The company I'm working with realizes their mistake and they're giving me a free iPhone they're also giving me a free account like I said as a new NOsectionsr I'm actually doing pretty well I'm actually finding the sport I need not just from people like you whose videos are educational and help give guidance But from a few online who communicate with groups of people and individuals who speak to me directly within words of encouragement But it's also helping how I talk to brands just being educated on the products knowing what questions to ask really helps the sales representatives are much more candid when they know you know what you're talking about I know you wanted to add value to each of your videos but there is value to you as well you talked about scratching a bunch of your videos and Mr Beast does that too for him honestly I think he should do more behind the scenes and about the videos he scraps on a different channel for you I think you should definitely post more of the behind the scenes and outtakes it's okay to post a video that's just fun Just don't burn yourself out you really don't need to be perfect a lot of us are here for your personality I don't care about your set I don't care about your lighting I don't care about your b-roll I just needed someone to give me input on the camera on the phone and other aspects you also didn't even touch on the aspects I actually wanted to know about which is the lidar So I'd love to see an iPad pro and iPhone pro lidar augmented reality and so on Cheers
enderLloyd gaming
enderLloyd gaming 6 dager siden
I love all of rickroll references I The video
RED vapez
RED vapez 6 dager siden
Preach bro!!! Vape reviews do this all the time and they dont care how much it destroys the industry high-end is down and we are in pod vape hell its soo hard to be a hobbyist because of all these fake reviews they do this in the "Drone" hobby as well just watch and if you really pay attention its always some "white" guy lying to the masses about a BS product not all are faceless and i have no problem listing all the ones i seen in this comment
Anmol Kumar
Anmol Kumar 6 dager siden
Technical Guruji 👿👿👿
GAME CLOOB 6 dager siden
im a georgian.im channel name is GAME CLOOB but im georgian. im speech englesh
ikaw budoy
ikaw budoy 6 dager siden
Art Of Roar
Art Of Roar 6 dager siden
Aaannnddd this is why I stick to the channels I know!
eliteXproX 6 dager siden
Just got Rick rolled...
Deanna Franklin
Deanna Franklin 7 dager siden
I just found your channel. Thank you so much for this info. You are so handsome too. So a real reviewer and some eye candy too. Hugs
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 7 dager siden
The poor whistle suprisingly unite because cylinder ironically embarrass per a harsh fir. awesome, capable veterinarian
Helonio Pro
Helonio Pro 7 dager siden
I swear to God if I get Rick rolled one more time I unsubscribe
HA1NS3Y YT 7 dager siden
Rick rolling master.
Simon T
Simon T 7 dager siden
So nobody gonna talk about the rickroll?
thang chung
thang chung 7 dager siden
The past profit occasionally back because charles morphometrically decide athwart a damaged factory. loud, synonymous trunk
Reehan Rao
Reehan Rao 7 dager siden
I like him on how he never clickbaits us
Jonathon Kelley
Jonathon Kelley 7 dager siden
2:31 nice
Andrej Skenderija
Andrej Skenderija 7 dager siden
A MAN OF CULTURE 7 dager siden
I got rick rolled when he searched photo
Imaperson 7 dager siden
Its like a sponsor
Srilanka Gems
Srilanka Gems 7 dager siden
Even ur exynos vs snapdragon version of galaxy S21 contradicts with almost all the videos in NOsections... 💁
Ching Sago
Ching Sago 7 dager siden
the first channel is called TechBuzz
josh7120 7 dager siden
Everyone drops videos of the new products same time to pull more views, keep up to date with current events, and act better than others because there first. Rather than wait till 6 monthes till you really know everything about it and pick out bugs
Aakash Sonkusare
Aakash Sonkusare 7 dager siden
Don't you do the same with EVERY SAMSUNG phone?
Tech Beats
Tech Beats 7 dager siden
Yes Marcus 🤧
DON'T buy this USB Stick.
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