Are Linux Smartphones about to KILL Android? 

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For the last week I've been using 3 phones, an iPhone, an Android....and a Linux phone. Which one is ACTUALLY better? If you do enjoy then a sub to the channel would be...😉
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10. des.. 2020





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Mrwhosetheboss 2 måneder siden
What do you think to the new setup? Trying to make the lighting a little better every video! Also, yes, I realise the correct pronunciation is Lin-ux, not Lie-nux - My Bad! 😂
Rollin Wit Zig
Rollin Wit Zig 15 dager siden
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣
Tom The Xbox series X
Tom The Xbox series X 25 dager siden
It’s Linus not Linux 😂
youtube account
youtube account Måned siden
after the HELL iOS puts me thru and the lack of droid, im SOLD !
Wallrus Moose
Wallrus Moose Måned siden
I be willing to try your Lie-nix 🤣as a everyday phone for two wks. As a challenge to myself, free from all the social media stuff.
Kaushal Sharma
Kaushal Sharma Måned siden
fun of sexer
Speed Goat
Speed Goat 11 minutter siden
Open source also means security venerabilities are well known and easy to manipulate if you don’t keep things up to date.
xSpeaker 3 timer siden
Did you just call it Lie Nux?
Ashutosh Deshmukh
Ashutosh Deshmukh 4 timer siden
Title: linux killing android. My imagination: penguin trying to kill a robot 🐧
Jaedon Kanyid
Jaedon Kanyid 8 timer siden
I hate adverts! With how much spying big tech does into our lives, I cannot believe they still send me stuff! No I don’t want “NOsections red” or “supersonic ultra toothbrush” that doubles as a meditation guide. If I could afford that Linux phone I totally would!
GGhireal#1 13 timer siden
5:51 at this point, he just wants to rickroll us
OrthoMint 15 timer siden
3:27 Missed chance to say *'sausome'*
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson 15 timer siden
did u just pronounce it linu;-x
cristian martinez
7:07 that Linus tho
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi Dag siden
Plz put fortnite on it plzzz
Adelite Dag siden
Raijincfat 77
Raijincfat 77 Dag siden
Android OS is based on Linux lol
helicopter 10 timer siden
No, it's based on unix.
BrazilTime Dag siden
Uday Sharma
Uday Sharma Dag siden
The comparison at 5:30 isn't accurate since Apple delays the Side Button response on iOS in case you want to double-press to activate Apple Pay.
helicopter 10 timer siden
That's only if you have apple pay enabled.
Heimerblaster Dag siden
Linux learn how to pronounce it. BY the inventor him self (Linus Torvalds) : nosections.info/green/pm56foJfe5yGnNw/video.html
Dean Martin
Dean Martin Dag siden
Lynn - ux NOT Line -ux Aggggh!
Bob Stringer
Bob Stringer Dag siden
Question: Can mobile phone spy software like FlexiSpy be installed on a Linux phone ?
Kethavath Venkata Ramana Naik
This phone is future
Jadan Velasquez Mejia
How would an Open Source Social Network be like?
Edward Blair
Edward Blair Dag siden
Ugg, Android is open source, uses Apache 2.0 and GNU GPL licenses. You can look at every line of it's source code here source.android.com. This doesn't removes the privacy concerns addressed in this video, but please get the basic facts right.
Carlos Gandarillas
I remember Ubuntu tried launching Ubuntu Touch in 2014. I was excited to try it out, however, the problem was in finding a Ubuntu compatible phone, or one that would allow me to change the OS, but those were impossible to find. I tried various countries, including South Africa and South America, no one had those phones. Unless more phone companies allow an easy OS change or feature their phones with Linux OS, the new OS will never beat Android, which is also Linux...
Apple Juice
Apple Juice 2 dager siden
Bruh he stills rick rolls us Wtf
WhyIsItNeeded 2 dager siden
Literally opens the sauce ... Lol
Jeremy Helfer
Jeremy Helfer 2 dager siden
How did I miss this? this is amazing. Bless linux
Sami Jawad
Sami Jawad 2 dager siden
5:53 rickrolled all of us
Born To Die
Born To Die 2 dager siden
I'm sure indians make custom roms for that 😂
fa li
fa li 2 dager siden
Looks like you're going to stab that poor phone😆
yahya 2 dager siden
It has an ARM cpu how it can run x86 laptop Linux ? !
KrabsWithACorona 2 dager siden
Imma install sailfish os on my old s9
Computer Aided World
Computer Aided World 2 dager siden
$800 is a bunch for this, but it's what we need.
nathan hopkins
nathan hopkins 2 dager siden
It's not pronounced "LINEux" it's pronounced "LINux" you know, like linen... that shit annoys me so much.
Lucius Satchell
Lucius Satchell 2 dager siden
Sahil Sonar
Sahil Sonar 2 dager siden
I would like to correct you. You can install Ubuntu Touch on any phone if you bake Helium boot image. 👍 As long as you can unlock bootloader and have kernel source you can do it.
Rahmat Hidayah
Rahmat Hidayah 2 dager siden
Yajur Raghavan
Yajur Raghavan 2 dager siden
5:36 I heard selfish
hey im yolo
hey im yolo 2 dager siden
I would happily swap to Linux device
Logan Cressler
Logan Cressler 2 dager siden
LINUX. LIN-UX. LIN. LIN. There is no E. It is not pronounced like there is an imaginary E like LINE-EX. Its really really easy, just pronounce it like it is spelled. Lin-ux. Not LINE.
Logan Cressler
Logan Cressler 2 dager siden
How in the hell can you review a Linux phone without knowing how to pronounce linux?
Robert Alexander
Robert Alexander 2 dager siden
Mr Whose, I just want to say I’ve really grown to like your channel. At first it seemed like an MKBHD knock-off (you two have surprisingly similar mannerisms. But you have your own unique topics and very interesting ways to present the material. I think you’re knocking it out of the park. Waiting for the 10MM subscriber vid to find out why your NOsections name is grammatically incorrect!
Mxvok 2 dager siden
Whos mad he called it L”I”nux
DJ Peter James
DJ Peter James 2 dager siden
I really hope this gets support. Im all for paying more if i get a clean system, that runs fast and private. I just needs whats app and facebook. I dont need games.
Armen Topchyan
Armen Topchyan 2 dager siden
people who cry about privacy are the same that post every thought and feeling on social media.
John Montero
John Montero 2 dager siden
If this phone went out 10 years ago, we probably have some good phone chip upgrades or something like that right now
A. WotanSon
A. WotanSon 2 dager siden
Well, there is some websites and social media that we can access from the browser (I don't have them even installed on my phone, just the link). I think it would be nice to use in these SO.
Neki Stunter
Neki Stunter 2 dager siden
Arunix 3 dager siden
I`m 28 and I don`t have social media, heck my phone is not even connected to internet. The only way he can connect to it is in my home with wi-fi. The only apps that I have are forced by bank and a steam.( Which I also don`t have a reason to use outside of home ) I would say doubt i`m that unique of a person. Soo I mean, if not for the forced apps nowdays I could live with Nokia 3310 just fine.
gaming Minecraft
gaming Minecraft 3 dager siden
Well me still enjoying stuff
Ashon Shakya
Ashon Shakya 3 dager siden
Lee nux
Macintoshiba 3 dager siden
Naturally Bad Gamer
Naturally Bad Gamer 3 dager siden
ok, i need this phone.
dancxjo 3 dager siden
Lynn not line
Anees Bhatti
Anees Bhatti 3 dager siden
Great loved linux
BRAD'S CHANNEL 3 dager siden
I don't know how to properly say it but isn't it said like li-nux rather than lynooxe
Workin Alday
Workin Alday 3 dager siden
If they can make Linux Phones support VoLTE then maybe. Otherwise Linux Phones will be the ones taking a back seat! They need to work with the newer hardware especially the G5 Cellular Modems!
bluethefox music
bluethefox music 3 dager siden
anbox is a android emulator for linux.
Adam Brisebois
Adam Brisebois 3 dager siden
It's pronounced Lynn-ux, not Line-ux My head hurts.
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson 3 dager siden
Android runs on Linux
Alisha Khatun
Alisha Khatun 3 dager siden
progamer bigdaddy447
progamer bigdaddy447 3 dager siden
Probably not all your videos usually consist of trying to take a logo and making it seem like it was derived from apple so I think im done watching your videos for good they are no longer entertaining and I will be unsubscribing.
SchteeveFour 3 dager siden
Not likely. Same reasons it hasn't killed anything else.
blhtml 3 dager siden
I want a phone with removable battery and a headphone
DontLetFreedomDie 3 dager siden
But everyone uses Linux....
The One Militia
The One Militia 4 dager siden
The One Militia
The One Militia 4 dager siden
In 2030 Privacy data was the most thing we will miss!
Orwell rolls over...
Orwell rolls over... 4 dager siden
it will take a revolution to take back our privacy and our voice, but having Linux ready makes it more viable. at a certain tipping point, their could be a large swing away from our submission by omission.
Salil Singh
Salil Singh 4 dager siden
please make a video on the criteria to be looked at while buying powerbank.
Zeke Vearing
Zeke Vearing 4 dager siden
Linux Tech Tips
Ryan Owens
Ryan Owens 4 dager siden
North American pronunciation is correct. L(e)nux
John toetag
John toetag 4 dager siden
Using my data to provide ads is fine *** as long as it is A) fully anonymous and B) lets you opt out of targeted advertising, even if it's not the default option and C) fully allows adblock add-ons. Otherwise, opensource or gtfo with that noise. Also, Kali on my phone would be AWESOME muhahahaha~ evil grin ;_)
The random guy
The random guy 4 dager siden
I don’t think the apps is a problem in fact Linux would be better for apps. There’s anbox for android plus there’s winehq so you can run windows plus the default Linux apps. So you can run both pc and mobile apps on Linux.
Asmit Nath
Asmit Nath 4 dager siden
Fun fact - Android is basically devloped on linux itself.
randomdoodification 4 dager siden
I've always said, nothing is free, if it says it's free, you are the product.
jacksworld09 4 dager siden
Do you get normal apps on this like insta?
Love Live Songs Playlists
you can't use a browser on linux to go on google maps or see youtube comments? that makes no sense
Gogo Gabagaba
Gogo Gabagaba 4 dager siden
I remember I used to have a backup battery and whenever my phone died i or wss low id just switch it without recharging and recharge the other battery or just use up the second one woukdve been enough for even till the next day
XD-kixx 4 dager siden
He called Linux Lie-NuX. It’s not LIE NUX, it’s LEE NUX
Ari Wahyudi
Ari Wahyudi 4 dager siden
One thing for sure, I really missed my WebOS phones
You tuber
You tuber 4 dager siden
L-IN-ux ffs! like Berl-IN or Merl-IN not line-ux. Yes it does matter.
Yago Webster
Yago Webster 5 dager siden
Are Linux smartphones about do kill Linux smartphones? This should be the title of this video.
Aashish Balkhande
Aashish Balkhande 5 dager siden
Very structured pointers and hands down great attention to detail. Although not an expert on this subject but instead of seeing it as " a bit too late" we might consider asking "what can we do to make this in trend?" The Linux community is by far the most genuine and generous community in the history of communities. Helping them solve the monetization gap is essential if we want privacy and other features part of our daily lives. I am sure you as a reader are well acute to take this conversation further. I believe in us. It's just a matter of separating the greed from the giving. 😊
Naveen Jain
Naveen Jain 5 dager siden
let's all be honest here. there's no serious alternative to Google maps and NOsections. You can use newpipe/yt mod but that affects livelihood of youtubers not Google. And no app comes even close to Google maps. Until then, we gotta live with ios/Android.
Live Lively
Live Lively 5 dager siden
I've literally had that idea for years. Shit.
LAB Johnson
LAB Johnson 5 dager siden
android is linux
Normal Minecraft Lets Play
I been waiting for a phone like this since smartphones were around. Physical switches.
Slam Badger
Slam Badger 5 dager siden
I love this vid, and i def want that Linux phone if i ever have that kind of money. But i think you are slightly wrong on some things, or at least your argument is a little flawed. I deleted Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, and i am also working at deleting Google, NOsections, and even Amazon from my life. There are plenty of alternatives, even open source ones. You have to put a little more effort into using them to get anything back, but what i am finding now is that more and more people are willing to do exactly that. Maybe it's only 1 or 2 percent of people, but that is still tens of millions. And even if you want to keep using the most well known social networks then Linux usually has a front end for them that strips away the adverts and tracking. But what i really want to say is that your whole argument about there being an app for everything is often irrelevant. I can't be the only person that uses their phone every day but has had little use for 99% of what it can do. For one thing, what use maps during global lockdown? When i use Linux on my desktop there is only the DAWs on my mac missing (Ableton, Reason, and Fruity Loops). I have never once felt there was anything else that i needed to do that Linux didn't have covered. And if i had started using Linux before i started writing music then i would be using it's own DAWs like Ardour and QTractor.
gamers for life
gamers for life 6 dager siden
Ive used it
Tom Z
Tom Z 6 dager siden
Android is Linux.... what u mean
Aikansh Yadav
Aikansh Yadav 6 dager siden
if everything is open source don't you think it can be used for wrong reasons by other people
Rene de Castro
Rene de Castro 6 dager siden
Could you test security of user accounts on smartphones?
Matvei 6 dager siden
You can reverse the code of many apk (most of them) using a github project (open source by definition) named Apktool.
Alice Who
Alice Who 6 dager siden
it's pronounced linux.
Drohnen Michi
Drohnen Michi 6 dager siden
The new Drugdealer cellphone xD
ido dolev
ido dolev 6 dager siden
Linux tech tips
Litty Xavier
Litty Xavier 6 dager siden
i thought he said Linus
Charny :D
Charny :D 6 dager siden
Androids are one of the best OS for me even if there are few bugs than Linux because I seriously dont want pocket computer.Reason: Its not good looking , not wasting cash , when Samsung smartphones cost drops cost when they make new version . Last thing : I haven't met anyone with Linux phone .
ARNAV 29 6 dager siden
i dont realy care about staying private, i wanna be famous not private born in 2006 btw
Steven Petrihos
Steven Petrihos 7 dager siden
I was a huge Ubuntu fan when I was in middle school and high school. Emulation is key and you need a ready device to run virtual systems, especially stacking them on a mobile chip set.
MIRAJANE - 7 dager siden
Everyone will say their product are good until they removed charging cable.😂😂 Btw, i still want to buy smartphone with charging cable include on the box.
u12play007 5 dager siden
What's the charging cable? My phone has a built-in micro nuclear reactor power source....!
Luminos 7 dager siden
0:34 hMmmmMmmMmm... No
Ajajeet Paul
Ajajeet Paul 7 dager siden
4:09 there is a sad face on the inner side on the top of the bin.
Soorie boy
Soorie boy 7 dager siden
Y not to kill ios
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