The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging" 

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Xiaomi / Mi has just announced True Wireless / Air Charge Technology. It's both incredible, but also filled with caveats...but it still leads to a very interesting future...For why Rugged Smartphones might be a Scam: nosections.info/green/q2ajgIyZqH-u1JU/video.html
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Vitenskap og teknologi



30. jan.. 2021





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Mrwhosetheboss 26 dager siden
How do 1,000 people manage to comment within 2 minutes!!? Blows my mind, thank you ❤️
Antoni Polski
Antoni Polski 6 dager siden
Jerry Zuzarte
Jerry Zuzarte 23 dager siden
@awil farah wht?
Arlen Datz
Arlen Datz 24 dager siden
bcoz they waiting for your comment about the mi air charging sir
Jester Gaming
Jester Gaming 24 dager siden
It would have been really easy if we had allowed Tesla complete his researches.
Tyrano Fire
Tyrano Fire 24 dager siden
Wow that’s a lot
iphone tezu
iphone tezu Minutt siden
Electromagnetic waves are not harming anybody your current mobile is still working on em waves u can check something like butterfly like was sold some years back which was lightened when someone call you
Pro 69
Pro 69 Time siden
0:28 "Nice"
hellcaster T
hellcaster T 2 timer siden
Nice XD
Sammy Storm
Sammy Storm 20 timer siden
What head phones are those next to the PlayStation controller? They look cool
Syum Kumar
Syum Kumar Dag siden
abhinav rawat
abhinav rawat Dag siden
My old moto phone had this feature it used to charge whole day where I go
Escape Goods
Escape Goods Dag siden
Tesla is sad.
Only MS
Only MS Dag siden
Next : Water charge.. when u in bath play phone with maximum performance
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan Dag siden
Huawei is the best of all
Aoxsoi Dag siden
Air charging might aswell be pear charging.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 dager siden
I got a wish ad for a Black Friday sale. It’s February the 23rd
Zhedrick Oaman
Zhedrick Oaman 2 dager siden
0:25 "also, bonus points to whoever made this poster for xiaomi. NICE." HAHAHAHAHA
Latirus Vexter
Latirus Vexter 2 dager siden
They probably using heat wave.. feels like dangerous as the time goes by
Rahul Sample
Rahul Sample 2 dager siden
When I was young, all I ever wondered was... Me: “ why do phones even have to have percentage and why do we have to charge it and why does internet have to be a thing cause’ if internet wasn’t invented we wouldn’t of had to connect and all that crap...
Krish Satpati
Krish Satpati 3 dager siden
0:20 why tF is she holding her iPad upside down?!?
Cazi X
Cazi X 3 dager siden
My phone caps at 6 watts
Empyrean 3 dager siden
You know what I actually realize if they put this tech inside the phone and combine it on bluetooth, we no longer need to throw away airpods when the battery is dead. Since you can use it without battery just like the old analog cable but bluetooth with air charging.
Stasis Field
Stasis Field 3 dager siden
All I'm gonna say is, This is great! Sign me up, Except, I am not charging my neighbour's phone! *Does old man impression* "Oi! Get off my power beams!" In a hyperthetical way, I'd happily welcome this into the family. Providing* A. It does all TV remotes. and those that are not, I can use some adapter for it. Even if it's just AAA batteries with a pad on the back, the x360 controllers had this, Why can't TV remotes? The phone, the tablet, Maybe *under heavy use, they will drop down and use more than whats going in, not a problem, so long as it doesn't damage current day batteries. But PLEASE do not remove the battery phone makers, We need the batteries for at least the next 10 years. I used to do a sales job, going door to door, and the lack of LTE in some areas removed all possibility to do that job. Imagine, either, going on holiday, or just going on some commute to find 'NOPE' Doesn't work. Where this will work AMAZING. Offices, Buses, Trains, Hospitals (Maybe, in the waiting room, the amount of times my mom has taken a charger...) WHERE I work, it would be nice, Providing theres an option to toggle off.
Ivan Gavran
Ivan Gavran 3 dager siden
Nikola Tesla laughs at this... 🤣
Tysard 3 dager siden
Imagine this except it is 5G. So as long as you're in range of 5G and have a signal, your phone is charging as well. But that seems more like 8g to me...
xxDrain 3 dager siden
Tesla would be proud.
ahboiahh 4 dager siden
They could probably get a third party adaptor to work around the antenna 🤔
Tiexiao Wang
Tiexiao Wang 4 dager siden
okay honestly though, who even asked for this or wants this? I don't see the benefit
Chinmayee K
Chinmayee K Dag siden
Cody Sikels
Cody Sikels 4 dager siden
If only Nicola Tesla would have held on a little bit longer
mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou 4 dager siden
That thing is a death beam . At best it is as safe as an open microwave.
joe g
joe g 5 dager siden
Xiaomi I hear are going to stop me using my k30 ultra from using Google would help if you could do something on this as this will not be good 😭
bananaramainpajams 5 dager siden
Strange to trash something you haven't even been able to lay hands on...
Vivek Mishra
Vivek Mishra 5 dager siden
Mr boss listen to me " Imagination is Everything it's the preview of Life coming attraction " It is possible ....... !
亗__SULTAN__亗 5 dager siden
Thank u for give me as follower the most deep dive review
Don20 5 dager siden
I love how when he put words or pictures on screen it was in the TV screens on his left and right. I think he knew old ppl would love that
CIVIL ENGG GUIDE 5 dager siden
Radiation?????????if emits radiation...it's gonna flop...if not🔥🔥🔥
Prodigy 6 dager siden
Did nobody notice the slaughter at 2:13....I hope that spelling of inefficient was intentional
Andrew Rasmussen
Andrew Rasmussen 6 dager siden
Yes, *lovely* but how much more power will be wasted heating inanimate objects?
Hacker Hacker
Hacker Hacker 6 dager siden
In 20 years (kinda), i'll go to a restaurant with a 10% battery, eat for 30 minutes, pay the bills and come home with 100%.
Antoni Polski
Antoni Polski 6 dager siden
Cute Kanna
Cute Kanna 6 dager siden
Charging never ends at home!?!?! Lol
Ack 6 dager siden
takes a while for new technology to be a sucess, with more time maybe these inventions can be more useful and high tech for us. Nevertheless i enjoyed your video and hope you're having a good day/night.
Umang Shah
Umang Shah 6 dager siden
with less batteries in devices, they won't be lasting as much when trying to use as a...... mobile phone?
op1be 6 dager siden
getting rid of batterys? thank you but no, can you imagine a power out? wth would i even do
CyanideCoffee 7 dager siden
it's okay, we got shungite, just build it like a pyramid and put around mi casa
Steven Bulfer
Steven Bulfer 7 dager siden
See honestly, there are several physical limits like diffraction which make this even more unlikely. It doesn't matter if a big company works in it.
ASH KINZZ 7 dager siden
Eraser 7 dager siden
This guy has so many electrical gadgets that I bet he has ED due to slow radiation being absorbed daily 24/7.
Eraser 7 dager siden
Air charging is lethal for expecting mothers. Imagine that radiation slowly feeding your unborn child. We'll see even more children with health problems and deformities. No thanks. I'll pass. Technology is moving so fast, their compromising the health risks of the human race.
Sophesticated Gamer
Sophesticated Gamer 7 dager siden
when he made that nice sound it made me first go from full screen to portrait and first like the video then watch . amazing!
1sMiku 8 dager siden
youre getting blasted with hundreds of terahertz of radiation already, its called light, so a few hundred gigahertz is nothing
Nitro4CSR 8 dager siden
isnt slow charging bad for baterry health aswell? i mean without baterry this comment is pointless but for now i guess its a big thing to consider
Elenor Steuernagel
Elenor Steuernagel 8 dager siden
The alike snake synchronously amuse because rocket acly wink athwart a worried stitch. spiffy, new profit
柯又滔 quah eu thau s3j
I'm curious about something. Is it possible to make wireless charging if they make it like those wireless mouse, just use the usb stick, shove it in your phone. I'm not smart, and I know how it worked but is it possible? I'm curious please, anyone answer my curiosity 😂
Matthias Ruttner
Matthias Ruttner 8 dager siden
I think the biggest problem about this is that it wont really charge your phone as long as you are using it because you just need to much power you already see that with old chargers and new phones its just not powerfull enough it just makes you battery life a bit better bit its still going to decrease
Earth Gabriel
Earth Gabriel 8 dager siden
Would it be dangerous to our health because of radiation?
Trap Astronaut
Trap Astronaut 8 dager siden
And why is he holding an iPhone?!
LeoburkeGuitarist😄 8 dager siden
I just hate Samsung ads and it always just keeps popping up in all of your Videos and I can't skip it...😒🤦🏻‍♂️
Richard 8 dager siden
Horribly inefficient. Direct contact with wire is best,
Stephan de V
Stephan de V 9 dager siden
you forget the next interesting idea. if wireless charge beam has the same nm wave as 5g . next they will have the box producing the charging wave put in fluctuations making it a information carrier. it could be a high speed ""wifi" station that charges your phone and gives you internet via a direct beam in your own house. and then it becomes interesting
Yigal Katyusha
Yigal Katyusha 9 dager siden
Human Just
Human Just 9 dager siden
Batteries will always be a necessity. Air charging is awesome until the power cuts off. Any charging is cool, until you need to go to woods for a day, which might not be an issue in big cities, but newsflash - majority of the world does not live in big cities. What has to happen, is not for manufacturers to remove batteries and charging ports, but to invest in better battery technology, so that batteries would get naturally smaller while keeping same, or even greater capacity, and i promise you, if companies ever try to remove a charging port from their phones, it'll only benefit the repair shops, who for a small price will be happy to make your phone a bit uglier, adding the charging port back on.
crollens 9 dager siden
Safety feature : a Xiaomi tinfoil hat (not included)
MDS 9 dager siden
iphone 20x pro max comes without a battery and still costs 1.5k
Gokki 9 dager siden
5W is fine for charging. It's better for the battery too. I use my old 5W charger and it's good so far. Wireless charging means the phone will always slowly charge over time so by the time to go out for lunch it's full already.
matthew ling
matthew ling 9 dager siden
How you know xiao mi air charge won’t work while you not even try it? U are just trying to get more views and get more money by all your speculations. Shame on you
The Editor
The Editor 10 dager siden
How many watts will you be drawing using the location chips and antennas probably not much but some applications could wear down the battery faster than the charger can provide that energy to the recieving coil.
SJ218P 10 dager siden
SHUVO TheRichMan
SHUVO TheRichMan 10 dager siden
not ?healthy
Mr.Artemiy 10 dager siden
"Battery juice"
Frankenstein 10 dager siden
Ah, REAL Wireless Charging the bs that they sell today under that name is just a SCAM it's unplugged charging NOT Wireless Charging since the bred cutting plate you put your Phone on to Charge literally has a Wire on it that is like what 2cm further from your Phone then a normal Charging Cable would be. xD [On a side note the stuff they call Wireless Charging today is literally a plugless docking station that you could buy 10 Years or so ago anyone remember the JBL Dock for example?]
idk6187 10 dager siden
never Gonna give you up
Frank Ndirangu
Frank Ndirangu 11 dager siden
About the organs being sold...😂😂that was a really good joke😂😂
Arjun 11 dager siden
Best Intro Ever On NOsections...
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 11 dager siden
I don't the obsession with wireless charging and getting rid of all ports anyways. Is it really that much of a sacrifice to have your phone hooked up to an oh so woefully short cable for a short while to charge it when you're spending 5 hours a day asleep and therefore _not moving your phone_ anyways? Listening to music while charging wouldn't be a problem either if y'all hadn't decided the tiny innocent headphone jack must die.
Кенжетайұлы 11 dager siden
It's not air charging. It's the real wire less charging lol
MCKing 11 dager siden
Wait it's antennae and not antannas?
Gord Thor
Gord Thor 11 dager siden
Are people really so freakin lazy to plug in the phones. Wireless charging is a big waste of energy and it reduces the life of the battery. Do these people really want the health risks of a 120 watt beam going through their bodies? Does anyone care about the planet (wasting a huge amount of energy because it's too much work to plug in their phones), or their own health (we don't need anymore radiation bombarding are bodies 24/7. Don't be so damn lazy. Plug in your phones and save your health and our planet. Many of these gimmicks just are worth the price to pay.
Ján Kašpárek
Ján Kašpárek 11 dager siden
Antenae is my new favourite Word.
Manatster 11 dager siden
this is similar to wifi or ethernet
Adel the moderator
Adel the moderator 11 dager siden
6.4m subs "Asks you to sub to the channel"
Alexander Deke
Alexander Deke 11 dager siden
If range is high enough, u wouldn't need any battery. Just the beam. The energy could go straight into the system, instead of damaging the battery on its way. Would make sense whilst using ur phone.
Denison Family
Denison Family 11 dager siden
WINSTON MOSCOW 11 dager siden
those beams its firing must be healthy af
mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou 4 dager siden
@Dominik .Rolfes a 5 watt laser will burn you very badly its not that bad but still not something I want to keep in my house
mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou 4 dager siden
@Dominik .Rolfes for 5w to reach the phone you would need way more power . Also the beam intensity will much higher than daylight ( with 100% efficiency and 5cm2 beam you will get 10000w/m2 and it would be much worse due to efficiency ) Also body being poorly conductive has little to do with this kind of radiation the skin would absorb Most of millimeter wave and heat up quite bad .
Dominik .Rolfes
Dominik .Rolfes 4 dager siden
@mistakenot ou yeah, and it seems like your phone can use about 5W of those, why would you think, the human body, made mostly out of non/badly conductive materials would interact any worse with it? Also, if its orders of magnitude, you're still within the solar constant of less energetic radiation than normal sunlight.
mistakenot ou
mistakenot ou 4 dager siden
@Dominik .Rolfes 5 watt ? The transmitter would need orders of magnitude more power
Dominik .Rolfes
Dominik .Rolfes 6 dager siden
well, the sun "beams" at us with 1368 Watts per meter^2, so I wouldn't really worry about a 5Watt beam.
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha 12 dager siden
Electricity bill- homeless
M. H.
M. H. 12 dager siden
What makes u think that of they take the battery off then we wpuld pay less for the phone itself. I personally prefer the phone to be dependant on itself than in any other outer source
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold 12 dager siden
I'm really starting to love the subtle bits of sarcasm scattered throughout your videos, now.
Dbzlotrfan M
Dbzlotrfan M 12 dager siden
I'll stick with having a battery in the phone, regardless of how good "air" or "wireless" charging gets.
Deep Brahmbhatt
Deep Brahmbhatt 12 dager siden
When u press 6 He says cool
Alvin Kumi
Alvin Kumi 12 dager siden
Nikola Tesla is going to kill Xiaomi
Purple_Chalk 12 dager siden
Air charging sounds too good to be true
DSP Even darker
DSP Even darker 12 dager siden
Yeah I don’t want cancer thank You
Atulya Singhal
Atulya Singhal 12 dager siden
Which phone is at .22 seconds
ThatGuy 12 dager siden
I wonder how our brain would feel with that lol
Mythoclast 12 dager siden
Apple watching this: write that down,write that down
davidsonnow 12 dager siden
Hey jerk! You did a whole video on Nikola Tesla’s technology. He proved long long ago that he could light up an entire field of lightbulbs. But you don’t mention him and you just talk about this like it’s a new thing. Learn history.
Shrivedh 12 dager siden
At the 2:00 mark, both points A and B are exactly what Xiaomi want. This is business, not charity.
alina 12 dager siden
2:24 that was THE WORST explanation to why wireless charging is inefficient, and it's actually factually wrong, it's inefficient because you're converting the energy multiple times and energy conversion always results in heat, and wireless charging works through electromagnetic fields and DOES NOT NEED ANY MATERIAL TO GO THROUGH, the glass may slow it down but IT DOES NOT AFFECT IT'S EFFICIENCY, what does effect it is converting ac into DC in the power brick, then using an electric oscillator to make a magnetic field and then turn that magnetic creates ac in the coils in your phone and then that ac has to be converted to DC to charge the battery, the inefficiency happens in the conversions and the lost magnetic field that doesn't hit the could of the device your charging, 30 seconds of googling would have made your video tolerable and kept my blood pressure from rising 2:57 air DOES NOT effect magnetic fields, does your WiFi drop when you're 5 meters away? I know that wifi is an electro magnetic field but it's the same, 4:50 what do you mean getting around it? It's fucking physics, YOU CAN'T GET AROUND PHYSICS 5:50 good job giving validation to people who think 5g is gonna kill them, guess that's how you get big, by not making anyone mad 6:40 by soon you mean at least 10 years? 7:10 no it's not, you can swap your batter and I've never heard of someone buying a new phone because their old phone has a worse batter, it's usually because software features and outdated hardware, you of all ppl should fucking know this Also editing this later, unless it's producing 80 degrees (c) of heat(in which case you have bigger problems than battery longevity) it isn't bad for your phone, charging with a wireless charger can be actually better since you are usually charging slower and fast charging is usually worse for battery life expectancy for reasons that is beyond my understanding level of physics
Aritra Ghosh
Aritra Ghosh 12 dager siden
Wireless charging or this kind of thing nothing but foolishness...it wold be far far better if they add a solar panel in back it have better efficiency and it charge continuously it is better...
kamal dalal
kamal dalal 12 dager siden
Its just a start
Frozenshard ,
Frozenshard , 13 dager siden
0:28 Nice.
Naman Divgi
Naman Divgi 13 dager siden
the first thing that came to my mind was that what if someone gets cancer because of radiation shooting toward their hands
44 er
44 er 13 dager siden
It must not charge, it's enough if the battery won't drop
Brother of wolves
Brother of wolves 13 dager siden
if this is the future, I wonder if this will be available all over the world, like mobile data masts
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