The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore. 

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Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet: nosections.info/green/xp50pnShonlvkao/video.html
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11. feb.. 2021





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Mrwhosetheboss 14 dager siden
Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet: nosections.info/green/xp50pnShonlvkao/video.html
MD BEEN 4 dager siden
Hi i need some help
one man army
one man army 12 dager siden
TryMeF00L 12 dager siden
straight savage
Reynard Erwee
Reynard Erwee 12 dager siden
I have never used a third party charger, what are they thinking?
HOHO MOMO 12 dager siden
This is soooo messed up. 1000€ phone and no quick charger that costs 50€ separately! I give my money to who is the least "dishonest". You remember when Apple was like "there is no space for a jack" Then someone showed that is wasn't true..... YT channel "Strange Parts" Same here. It's called up-selling (when you are supposed to get it for free) Thanks for this video. hope you get many likes. #solobyhjm etsy
Debbie Kindrick
Debbie Kindrick Minutt siden
They're just trying to milk more money out of you and they know that it has nothing to do about the environment everybody knows those things don't last long and you usually have to buy another charger and cord if you keep your phones long and you're using them everyday and you're charging them everyday. It's just greed they're not happy just making a living they want to make a killing Andre by ride into it.
stevenARTify Minutt siden
3.6k phone company executives disliked this video lol
Raj Kumar
Raj Kumar 3 minutter siden
No one cares about being eco-friendly, its just a name to get extra money and a trick to sell new products.
stevenARTify 9 minutter siden
It's a good idea because I have so many chargers and cables from buying newer phones
Rubii 29 minutter siden
Dr.Strange 50 minutter siden
i am angry after this ngl
Ronan Carr
Ronan Carr Time siden
Magsafe seems to take away the effortlessness of wireless charging because you have to pry it off your phone and place it back on where it was. You may as well just plug your phone in.
Mac seldom
Mac seldom Time siden
The thing is not provindeing one in the boxs is diffrent for apple and samsung with sammy they could lose money by us buying third party with apple they make money off third party because of the dumb ass lightning trash lol so sammy thumbs up apple thumbs down trash
Mac seldom
Mac seldom Time siden
I can get a sammy 25 watt charger for 12$ american ..compared to apples 30$
Sean Graeme
Sean Graeme Time siden
It’s all about the money, if you wanna make a difference. Why don’t you put up your own business.
Tamas Time siden
I could care less about them not including the charger or the headphones, dont use theirs anyway. What I do absolutely loath is the audacity with their statement of "helping the environment" like no, not even the slightest is this helping the environment by any means, not in the long term or short term
VASK C20 Time siden
Did I just get rickrolled
Ikuni 2 timer siden
It's not a bad idea to do, but not at the right time.
Pasha Boss
Pasha Boss 2 timer siden
This video seriously need a 1B views or more
Mareill Maieqs
Mareill Maieqs 2 timer siden
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Mareill Maieqs 2 timer siden
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Kishan Motiramani
Kishan Motiramani 2 timer siden
Thank you Arun for this great video. Makes a lot of sense.
LewisTK 3 timer siden
TerNesT 3 timer siden
Hey Samsung,I'm a fan :) but u r a stupid ;)
Sudipan Datta
Sudipan Datta 3 timer siden
best ad i have ever seen
Alwyn D'Almeida
Alwyn D'Almeida 3 timer siden
Best youtuber
vishnu nc
vishnu nc 3 timer siden
Remove user manul
Solomon Oleary
Solomon Oleary 3 timer siden
Literally got a iPhone 12 add
TwinEyeDesTiiny 3 timer siden
At the end of the day, the only reason these companies can get away with these practices is that consumers support them with their wallets. There is no shortage of options within the smartphone industry yet people fall prey to the "branding" scam and buy overpriced phones.
tlove21 4 timer siden
These companies are so translucent green.
Paul I Kendrick
Paul I Kendrick 4 timer siden
Glad you’re saying what I have been thinking!
Alex Elsewhere
Alex Elsewhere 4 timer siden
People who "care" for the environment change phones all the time to have the latest. They also love to fly a lot to overseas holidays.
V Vs
V Vs 4 timer siden
What pisses me off. Is they do the opposite of they preach And arrogantly promote it
V Vs
V Vs 4 timer siden
Typical tech company greed. They act arrogantly like they are doing something better for us, when in reality they are just doing it to make more money. And they put out cheesy videos to support it . The tech companies get away with these thabks to toxic loyal fans Like my man said in the video. They just want to make u spend on earphones by removing headohone jack. If they really wanted to save the planet. They should have not chmaged to type c Cause ppl would really have earphones with head phone jack lying around
Andi Alifikri
Andi Alifikri 4 timer siden
F*** U *P**E
Beep Bop
Beep Bop 4 timer siden
Imagine buying a $1000 phone and not getting a charger
Yevhenii Batiievskyi
Yevhenii Batiievskyi 4 timer siden
This is obvious.
Raj Kumar Ladi
Raj Kumar Ladi 4 timer siden
For cost cutting they stopped giving charger...why don’t they drop the price as they are stopping charger 🤣
Metalpazallteway 5 timer siden
With all this phone hassle charging, one might as well start making home made solar panels...
Sunny D
Sunny D 5 timer siden
Thanks for exposing the mobile phone companies scam
JAZZ THE GAMERZ 5 timer siden
In the future smartphone doesn't come with box anymore, it comes with a paper bag
Hitesh Gandhi
Hitesh Gandhi 5 timer siden
Very informative video... Keep up the good work. I thought of these things while watching apple’s announcement and I am glad a person of your reach is talking about Reese. This will go down as my favourite video of your ✌️👏👏
Arsenije1986 5 timer siden
And what`s the problem? Just boycott the phones that don`t have a charger.., But nooo you must have the newest phone right away... Because of that we lost earphone jack...
HarroKitteh 6 timer siden
I personally don't mind them removing the charger, but it would have been better if they still offered the charger with the phone but if you don't take it you get a rebate. Some people like having an extra charger and the rest would rather have the extra money.
Tweaker7316 6 timer siden
Actually apple first said (before the eco friendly statement) that they remove it to make the phone (whole package) cheaper and only after that the video I saw they came out with the new eco friendly statement as to why they removed the charger..
Yuri Y
Yuri Y 6 timer siden
apple also neatly switched to USB-C on both ends and put a limit to the lowest power needed to charge the iphones meaning your old charger won't work and you have nowhere to plug your new cable to either. Wireless works so I am going to plug my iphone X12e pro something on my oral-b stand.
Citaro SR
Citaro SR 6 timer siden
And the next thing you know is Vivo made the iQOO 7 with a 120W charger included and the Vivo X60 Pro+ with a gigantic box and the Huawei Mate X2 with 55W charger in the box.. lol
Chris Ray
Chris Ray 6 timer siden
Boxes are fucking stupid, just send me the damn thing in a biodegradable starch bag.
Rickbearcat 7 timer siden
You didn't answer the question.
steve gill
steve gill 7 timer siden
The cable max it last is 1 year
misz dalila
misz dalila 7 timer siden
when samsung ditch their charger, i lost my respect. no longer loyal to samsung.
IamSpazZ 8 timer siden
W-wait.....didn't Samsung run adverts harping on Apple? "At least our products come with a charger?" What the hell happened?
RB 8 timer siden
Hmm I don't wanna buy any phone anymore HAHAHAHA
ossi saputra
ossi saputra 8 timer siden
Company only care about money, they use environment as a camuflage
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie 8 timer siden
Apple will keep doing this sh*t until their sales go down
wall lee
wall lee 9 timer siden
TL : DW :- is just an excuse to take more of your money
Anna Arnoldussen
Anna Arnoldussen 9 timer siden
Really happy that I got the s20 with the earbuds and charger.
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson 9 timer siden
Couple things, don't use rapid chargers, just stop, no, stop... Rapid chargers destroy your battery, the next item is, I have chargers from years ago, nearly 6 years and they rapid charge phone, but honestly I use my USB ports so I have a nice slow charge. I also keep my phone for years, not two but 4 or more. Also stop buying crap headsets, if you buy a good pair they will last. Poor people can't afford cheap stuff...
Jayden Yates
Jayden Yates 9 timer siden
Who gets free phone cases?
Justin Dougherty
Justin Dougherty 9 timer siden
And os it sage for your phone to have a magnetic charger. Seems like it has a magnetic field that in the past they would say to keep away from your phone......
Julián Mauricio Ramírez Obando
I saw the entire video and I still don't know what is the real reason
Justin Dougherty
Justin Dougherty 10 timer siden
If I was dumb enough to pay a down payment for a car on a phone I better get a charger.... Good thing Im not and the phones I get come with a fast charger that has my phone charged in less than an hour and do the same things minus the name brand and massive price tag.
Justin Dougherty
Justin Dougherty 10 timer siden
And how is it saving the ecosystem when.... Trucks would have to carry chargers separately that take up more space cause they aren't with the phone..... More plastic for the charger packed by itself. Why not make tougher chargers.... That aren't designed to fail eventually. Oh yeah it wont feed the cash cow. And cardboard is biodegradable and there is paper and cardboard made of natural non toxic glues and such... So that's kinda not worth mentioning in this video.
Chad Kent
Chad Kent 10 timer siden
Such a good example of how easily people take the bait on a wide range of topics, predicated on first making you feel guilty for something. Baa.
Chad Kent
Chad Kent 10 timer siden
Now do one on nuclear power for electricity
Breezzyyii 10 timer siden
0:00-0:07 aka Parents
Abhijeet Kumar
Abhijeet Kumar 10 timer siden
Scam in a name of environment
Tony DNY
Tony DNY 10 timer siden
You hit the nail on the head .. tack in to account they are making money on the accessories
Rachelle 11 timer siden
What a great video
Yash Agarwal
Yash Agarwal 11 timer siden
They should include 3.5mm to type-c connector atleast...Oo
Gerry Crisostomo
Gerry Crisostomo 11 timer siden
The only way I'm going to accept a phone that does not come with a charger is if they found a way to create a battery or any power supply that does not run out of power, which is why the charger is no longer needed. Otherwise screw it! I'll never buy that phone.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 timer siden
They’re going to blame poor battery durability on the consumer, using “Not Recommended” chargers.
Aaron Joshua Biag
Aaron Joshua Biag 11 timer siden
I like that please give me haahahahah
Aaron Joshua Biag
Aaron Joshua Biag 11 timer siden
My phone is so lag please help me
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 11 timer siden
Wow, it's almost like capitalism sucks.
Scott Flanagan
Scott Flanagan 11 timer siden
Why? Cause money, saved you 13min
Jade Stanley
Jade Stanley 11 timer siden
I think a reasonable solution for this is to allow for the addition of optional accessories with the purchase of a phone. If you opt to purchase a charger and/or headphones with the phone, they should be packaged together and be cheaper than if purchased separately.
Shavonn D'Souza
Shavonn D'Souza 12 timer siden
I just upgraded my Samsung S8 to a Samsung S21, and I have been thinking about this for the whole of the last 1 week while I was waiting on my new wall adapter, since they decided to use type c to type c cables. You put all my thougths across perfectly...... they're basically washing their carbon footprint while building global carbon footprint. What a shame. Apple won't stop from getting their wireless charger standardized, but will still get away calling this a green initiative? Corporates really are evil. The least they can do is refrain from this false green friendly notion.
Jose Lozada
Jose Lozada 12 timer siden
Forced to
Haris Khan
Haris Khan 12 timer siden
If they care too much about environment. Apple should have make data cables who could connect with Android adaptor. Just looting tactics, Nothing else.
Thomas Hisey
Thomas Hisey 12 timer siden
There are few channels that I've subbed to from only one video but yours is one now. Great research, analysis, and presentation.
Matt Vesta
Matt Vesta 12 timer siden
Using the environment excuse corporations will perpetrate the worst horrors in modern times
JokinPedre 12 timer siden
anyway, most of the problems presented in this video come from amazon, like... go to a store lmao
xtn's youtube
xtn's youtube 12 timer siden
I, and I assume lots of other people, already have five or six USB charger bricks, not to mention a desktop PC and a laptop that both have USB ports. So I think it's a legit point to make that not including a charger brick with the phone. But while it's a legit point, let's not believe for a second that it's the REAL reason. Of course it's just an excuse to pocket a couple more bucks per sale. Companies don't want to be green. They only want to LOOK green so they don't piss off the percentage of customers that care about that.
progamer mdnalds_is_71
progamer mdnalds_is_71 12 timer siden
If you sell your old phone, you are weird
yanndch 12 timer siden
you are best :D
Mangold 13 timer siden
2021 iPhone will have no phone too! AND..... people will still buy it!
Vubito32 13 timer siden
Well do I need to buy all these accessories? Or is it ok to use my old charger? Most of us already have chargers. So we need to also keep reusing in mind. Also with optimising the packaging means that companiys can transport more products at once which. I just guessing right now but maybe Companies can send twice as much products with one container in one ship by optimising the packaging for that container ...
Sill1992 13 timer siden
All this BS is called "Green washing"
Rose 13 timer siden
Wow, it's almost like capitalism sucks.
cameron 13 timer siden
i cant escape the rickrolls
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips 13 timer siden
I remember when the instruction book that came with the phone told you only to use the charger that came with the phone, seemingly implying that the phone would burst into flames if you used any other charger.
harinder gill
harinder gill 13 timer siden
Excellent analysis, Thanks. Yet another gripe I have with cell phone manufacturers is the constant changes in external dimensions, mostly in a few millimetres, that make one buy yet another case AND condemn millions of unsold New cases to the tip! Criminal!!! All the hype and lip service by these companies about caring for the environment is just marketing in another form. One earlier comment has summed it up perfectly - It's GREED NOT Green.
JWalk TV PH 14 timer siden
These companies always use the environment to earn more money LOL.
Чаша мляко
Чаша мляко 14 timer siden
Companies are full of shit tbh
Katelyn Nummelin
Katelyn Nummelin 14 timer siden
I really don't get mag safe it fells excessive
Scalamaster Electros
Scalamaster Electros 14 timer siden
buy anker that shit lasts forever
FACTOR 14 timer siden
The truth you didn't get here is the business part of it. They're not really trying to save the planet by removing the charger and earphones. They removed it so you can comeback to really pay for those stuff seperetly. And the once you're gonna buy are not going to really last long and so you can't blame them cause it's not their product first hand. Buy this way the money keeps going round which is good for business. It's simple Logic. Other companies have to do the same cause believe it or not these top guys have where they meet to plan out stuffs. They know if someone should stay back to keep stocking phone and accessories they might be in more gian so they all have to do what will make everybody get their bread at the end of the day. You think they are the only one tricking us? Even you tried to trick us to remember to subscribe to your channel cause that's where the bread comes from. So you see we're all the same just how we do it is different.
Beats x III
Beats x III 15 timer siden
Yea, the phone itself is a BIG threat to our environment just think of how many people are on this planet buying a new phone and ditching the old one everyday this reasoning alone makes them look like they are selling a load of B.S. Everyday people gotta start thinking more.
only human
only human 15 timer siden
These days, people easily believe any nonsense and after complaining for a short time, they easily get used to the new nonsense conditions...
IShootPeople 15 timer siden
when are people gonna wake up that corporations are all about PROFIT, and shill to the world that its better for the people or the environment
Przemo-c 15 timer siden
Also apple's stance on reuse and repair is one of the other environmental issues. Also impact of packaging is nothing compared to manufacturing of chargers etc.
Bill Halliwell
Bill Halliwell 15 timer siden
G'day Mr Boss Of The Bleeding Obvious, I agree with everything you say in this 13 min video... (feels like 23). Does anyone truly believe that mega corporations like those that you mention, really do make their major decisions based on our planet or their shareholders. No contest. It is all about money, everything is about money. No money, no interest. Large companies that have market acceptance and keep it develop a kind of corporate hubris. They believe that no matter how shabbily they treat their customers; in a quiet way, or by just telling 'pork pies', they will retain their positions at the top of the corporate world. This is nothing new. Go back in history and look at the terrible things Henry Ford did. Corporations have only one goal: making money. Your predictions for these companies stripping away all boxed extras sounds spot on to me. You'll buy a phone in a big, flat posting sleeve with a flat phone box inside, or a phone bag, or whatever they can come up with that makes the quickest, cheapest packaging method for their factories and dispatch departments. Buried deep in their corporate businesses wouldn't one think that phone companies might have shares or at least a close eye on 'aftermarket' companies that supply all the extras they used to, and are planning to shed in the future? This is not only about smartphones (there's a misnomer). Pick a product, pick a corporation; no matter, they all do this in one form or another. I call it 'Customer Abuse' and it's the subject of my upcoming book: 'Customer Abuse And How To Fight It'... which, I hope will make me some money. Cheers, BH
James Ying
James Ying 15 timer siden
another great video and topic Aaron.
Uthman Baksh
Uthman Baksh 15 timer siden
Apple could have included a USB-C brick for like a year or 2 before not including one at all. They had good intentions but the way they did it was super shady. If you wanted the fast charging speeds, you had to buy the charging brick separately.
BlueSofa 15 timer siden
I hope this arguments are far too obvious for most people.
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