19 Smartphone Gadgets that Blew me Away. 

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19 Smartphone Gadgets that'll change everything to do with your smartphone! (Android or iPhone) in 2020! These Gadgets are all available in 2020, and can be bought from Amazon / eBay / Wish. For other Smartphone Gadgets videos: nosections.info/green/uIuGiYimfXCsztA/video.html
0:13 Dolly Car:
Worldwide: bit.ly/2G7KQrz
0:33 Samsonite Konnect-i Backpack with Jacquard™ by Google:
Worldwide: bit.ly/382IaHx
1:13 BackBone:
Worldwide: playbackbone.com/
2:12 Fidget Cable:
More affordable alternative:
US: amzn.to/3mr8G0Q
UK: amzn.to/3jCIxKT
2:47 Phone Tether:
Close alternatives:
US: amzn.to/3kDHxrc
UK: amzn.to/31QZ73A
3:06 Unitron phone stand
US: amzn.to/2G8gXaL
3:33 3-in-1 Smart Viewer:
UK: amzn.to/3e5IUwd
4:04 Airview
Upcoming version: bit.ly/3e6uITZ
4:49 Hypermirror
Worldwide: bit.ly/35MhszS
5:37 SuperTank Pro
Worldwide: bit.ly/3ehBK8i
6:11 HyperCube
US: amzn.to/2J7t4FY
6:42 Ampere PD Power Cube
Worldwide: bit.ly/3e31QvM
7:20 ChargeASAP OMEGA
Worldwide: bit.ly/3oAwQYS
8:00 Aukey Powerstudio
Worldwide: bit.ly/3kEcLyu
9:10 Fan Gamepad
Worldwide: bit.ly/2JfTQw5
9:36 Helmet triggers
Worldwide: bit.ly/3e5xtVg
10:11 Finger Gloves
Worldwide: bit.ly/3oB6mX5
11:00 Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic
Worldwide: bit.ly/3jE1YD9
US: amzn.to/3kEqPb0
UK: amzn.to/31RbcFM
12:03 Mi Smart Band 5
US: amzn.to/2HIkcq5
UK: amzn.to/3jFSW8u
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Mrwhosetheboss 3 måneder siden
Make sure you stick around for the best gadget of them all....I won't tell you what it is, but you'll know when you see it 😂 For other Smartphone Gadgets videos: nosections.info/green/uIuGiYimfXCsztA/video.html
Jason Weninger
Jason Weninger Måned siden
Nice that your hyper mirror worked, one was used about a day before it died and the second I'm afraid to use since the first died so fast and them not giving a damn.
Papu Roasting
Papu Roasting 2 måneder siden
Rasedin Rabby
Rasedin Rabby 2 måneder siden
Yi Hua Mei
Yi Hua Mei 2 måneder siden
"Eat chicken walking position artifact" - Someone
Im M
Im M 3 måneder siden
Great video! God bless you and yours
Exstatik 16 timer siden
Can you get a Gravastar speaker and do a mini review in one of your gadget videos?
Meme Shop
Meme Shop 20 timer siden
you rickrolled us!!!
Dylan Chace
Dylan Chace Dag siden
can u make iPad mini gadgets?
Tonky Boi
Tonky Boi Dag siden
so Xiaomi just made a fitbit
Dillon Pattison
Dillon Pattison 2 dager siden
"Mi smart band" You mean a fitbit?
szewei1985 2 dager siden
Haha cool
H Saeed
H Saeed 4 dager siden
The xiaomi mi smartband 5 looks really nice very simple
MD MUDDASIR 5 dager siden
Mine is the Mi band 5 🥰 than q.
Adam Zulhaziq
Adam Zulhaziq 5 dager siden
Anhialator user detected 10:28
Guadalupe Garcia
Guadalupe Garcia 6 dager siden
Gr8 products ,details make the video interesting . thank you for the time
Erebos 7 dager siden
MmWave literally means „millimeterwave“. If sou call it „EmEmwave“ it sounds like you don’t really know what you are talking about 😉
Varun Dhakan
Varun Dhakan 7 dager siden
Mrwhosetheboss Tech Nick Tech burner Best tech youtubers According to me
Impro Génération
Impro Génération 7 dager siden
In fact, the "finger gloves" do have a very specific and very useful use : as no good and really protecting bikes / motorbikes gloves have also good touchfinger ends for using smartphone (like GPS) while you are on your bike, putting the finger gloves on top of your gloves is a great solution.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 7 dager siden
My man rick rolls us every vid
Kushagra Sharma
Kushagra Sharma 7 dager siden
The only channel where I get click baited intentionality
Balogh Marcell
Balogh Marcell 7 dager siden
11:41 nice rickroll Arun xD
Ethis 8 dager siden
Aukey is pretty good
I wonder if any watched the shirt of arun (it has ; sub's to the channel would be.....)
Rayaan Faiz
Rayaan Faiz 8 dager siden
4:15 Liam thompson anyone?!
Mario S
Mario S 8 dager siden
The claw socks are no joke. They really do make a huge difference while gaming. A must have.
Bradford Johnston
Bradford Johnston 9 dager siden
I'm actually about to go buy that last one though, that's a quality basic tool and I'm here for it
Super NOVA
Super NOVA 9 dager siden
2:59 Performed under professional NOsections Phone Guy.🤣🤣🤣
Awe Dee.0
Awe Dee.0 12 dager siden
13:03 sooo htf did you get the suggested videos to light up on beat like that
Conor Utterback
Conor Utterback 12 dager siden
Your microphone is positioned slightly to your left which in turn outputs towards my right ear. Also during the second half of the video I think you switched position in comparison to the mic. Was I wrong?
James Games
James Games 12 dager siden
17X7 12 dager siden
Got hyped for the controller but paying 30$ shipping for a 100$ product is quite excessive
XT Gabri3L
XT Gabri3L 13 dager siden
The phone in the thumbnail looks like, it’s on life support
ahmed Dz
ahmed Dz 13 dager siden
Omg u playing sky xD
DeepFriedSrbenda 13 dager siden
FUCK OFF DUDE WHY DO YOU RICK ROLL ME EVERY FUCKING DAY 😂 Who ever edited this, I want him to be Rick rolled 20 times today
random videos
random videos 13 dager siden
Me thinking I'm watching a review of gadgets Him: you know what I'm gonna model
yogesh Raghuwanshi
yogesh Raghuwanshi 14 dager siden
4:27 what is the name of song in background
cringy gamer
cringy gamer 15 dager siden
The thumbnail tho y? Hahahahah
Gavin's iOS World GIW
Gavin's iOS World GIW 15 dager siden
I just noticed his shirt "A sub to the channel would be..." 🤣
Jack Silvis
Jack Silvis 17 dager siden
just connect a normal controller you dont need backbone
haniザフィラ 18 dager siden
0:02 the laugh makes me laugh
RuthlessPlayer. TV
RuthlessPlayer. TV 18 dager siden
11:41 Day :69 of noticing mr whos the boss rickrolling us
Land Overlord
Land Overlord 19 dager siden
11:41 did I just get rickrolled?
Avallone Gomez
Avallone Gomez 19 dager siden
The daffy milk literally part because church literally whistle toward a unbiased flavor. observant, annoying wire
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein 20 dager siden
Praise the Lord people he died for us, .
Glo Ukasaki
Glo Ukasaki 20 dager siden
Man! You are so lucky...('
Avallone Gomez
Avallone Gomez 20 dager siden
The straight chalk uniquely plant because billboard anteriorly preserve apropos a clean hip. zonked, stale citizenship
AgresiveMartin Formerly AgresiveMartin YouTube
“But what about the Lit Mobile solar powered power bank with built in wireless charging?”
MegaManNeoX 21 dag siden
Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic: They Want $60 For Them Now...
Saadhi Rasheed
Saadhi Rasheed 21 dag siden
i love the music at the end of every video
DED RXBBIT 23 dager siden
Woah....that Aukey powerbank at the end....did you purposely set the light to SOS? Jw cuz that’s an interesting feature. I’d see this more as an “end of the world” tech if it actually has an SOS signal feature
Zesan zesan
Zesan zesan 23 dager siden
Love u brother
Zesan zesan
Zesan zesan 23 dager siden
Big fan from bangladesh
Jewel Fornillas
Jewel Fornillas 23 dager siden
My Mi Band 4 Running 10days with still 55% of battery: Pathetic
Locker 24 dager siden
The burglars who break into his house to steal stuff, not knowing who's house it is, are gonna have a field day.
Noir 24 dager siden
"Stunt performed by professional NOsections phone guy do not try this at home"
Emma chan
Emma chan 25 dager siden
Even though I never wanted or needed a watch much less a smartwatch, this man had somehow convinced me that I NEED a mi watch thingy
Jeso YT
Jeso YT 26 dager siden
Your Mom
Your Mom 26 dager siden
This is the best power bank: *pulls out car battery*
Iqbal Izoel
Iqbal Izoel 26 dager siden
his voice 😳
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes 26 dager siden
Airview is almost $600 🙄 Hypermirror $300 Hyper cube charger $250 + $80 Chargeasap omega $150 not $85 None are available anyway.(except cube)🙄 Are you really that out of touch? Who do you think is your audience?
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes 26 dager siden
I call B.S. That backpack is worthless. You need to look at your phone to see what you're swiping for and could therfore swipe on your phone instead.
Kirtisha Samant
Kirtisha Samant 27 dager siden
6:27 this is exactly what apple wanted that other company to build which never happened lol
Jeso YT
Jeso YT 26 dager siden
PlaysNation 27 dager siden
Ayy the backbone by Kwebbelkop and Mr beast
xerterex - ксертерекс
11:41 lmao he rick roled us
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 28 dager siden
The long angora nationally trap because pants traditionally boast inside a trashy curtain. false familiar famous, future futuristic restaurant
Wihtewolf135 Music
Wihtewolf135 Music 28 dager siden
3:03 ah my wii safety cable
Oscar 28 dager siden
This feels like an ad
Phinehas Priest
Phinehas Priest 29 dager siden
Nice videos. But your speech grates on nerves. If you're going to speak English, hire an English coach to fix your issues!
Phinehas Priest
Phinehas Priest 29 dager siden
For your first lessons, ask the coach to teach you how to voice final consonants; so you will say "and" instead of "ant," for example.
Sangida Akther
Sangida Akther 29 dager siden
Can somebody tell me what video Mrwhosetheboss reviewed the Mi true wireless basic 1 air dots?
atuo miachieo
atuo miachieo Måned siden
10:52 it's thump glove bro not finger XD hahah Of course we need that playing pubg. Or else thump get sweaty
skully boi duos
skully boi duos Måned siden
DelgadorTv Måned siden
08:56 the gadget gave us the sign SOS. may the gadget rest in piece
Paul Anand
Paul Anand Måned siden
Arun Bhai, sab badiya na bhai? Baat kha lili ka? Hamou ko angreji samaj nahin aawat
Sven Schumacher
Sven Schumacher Måned siden
Garbage ... most oft that.
Rayhaan Fakir
Rayhaan Fakir Måned siden
There is one for Android it is called The Glap play P1
Pyro Gaming
Pyro Gaming Måned siden
RickRoll: "Arun Maybe Stop with the RickRolls" Arun: ...........NO.....
10:23 what does it
Seondal Måned siden
Sir please notice me.
Seondal Måned siden
Hello sir I'm from Philippines🇵🇭. I hope you will give me a secondhand phone even it's worth 100 dollar its a big blessings for me i dont have a decent phone bcs I'm only a working student , I can't afford a phone that have a quadcam like yours. I'm using a phone right now with android 7 software and it only have a 16gb internal storage and 2gb ram. I cant search normally for my studies bcs. It always freeezing. I hope you'll read my comment. God bless you sir. Iloveyou so much AND FULL SUPPORT FROM. PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 I HOPE YOU'LL GIVE ME A PHONE EVEN IT'S A SECOND
Seondal Måned siden
Hello sir I'm from Philippines🇵🇭. I hope you will give me a secondhand phone even it's worth 100 dollar its a big blessings for me i dont have a decent phone bcs I'm only a working student , I can't afford a phone that have a quadcam like yours. I'm using a phone right now with android 7 software and it only have a 16gb internal storage and 2gb ram. I cant search normally for my studies bcs. It always freeezing. I hope you'll read my comment. God bless you sir. Iloveyou so much AND FULL SUPPORT FROM. PHILIPPINES🇵🇭 I HOPE YOU'LL GIVE ME A PHONE EVEN IT'S A SECOND
Anish Naidu
Anish Naidu Måned siden
Honor band 5 is better than mi
Crazyxprosanta Måned siden
PLATINUM 08 Måned siden
Flávio Fonseca
Flávio Fonseca Måned siden
The Konekt I by Google brought my attention no kidding
Avon Lame
Avon Lame Måned siden
11:41 did he just Rick roll himself?
WIll Hoo
WIll Hoo Måned siden
The doubtful death remarkably practise because milk lily command except a soggy diploma. pathetic, spiteful bowling
Higher Frequency Soul
@mrwhosetheboss Finger gloves are useful. I played games in pandamic and regular playing hardened the skin on my thumbs, which letter damaged the touch screen m had scratches on it.
Mevin Jimmy
Mevin Jimmy Måned siden
The Backbone is by Lazarbeam and MrBeast and other huge YTers. Its actually very good.
Fierce Lion
Fierce Lion Måned siden
I use those gloves for my thumbs because I sweat and it makes the screen unresponsive
Tiger Elh211
Tiger Elh211 Måned siden
11:41 this is the millionth time bro plz stop that is illegal plz stop i will call 911
David BG
David BG Måned siden
You should try buying phones in indonesia its pretty cheap iphone 12s are 400U$D
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan Måned siden
The accessible green centrally disapprove because ravioli arthroscopically scrub of a naughty chicken. whole, average legal
Ben A.
Ben A. Måned siden
For a second, I thought you would be able to wear the helmet triggers.
QuantumVoid Måned siden
What game was 01:34?
Umesh P
Umesh P Måned siden
Michael Chidera
Michael Chidera Måned siden
Do giveaway for all this your phone please
ty cassel
ty cassel Måned siden
11:40 he Rick rolled us... 😂
Gamebox Global
Gamebox Global Måned siden
all of these are made in china
Liam Yang
Liam Yang Måned siden
8:45 this giant power bank apparently also has an SOS function
Hebron Agboola
Hebron Agboola Måned siden
That was awesome
Coder101 Python
Coder101 Python Måned siden
The bad boy gadget do be THICC
Memes by SlajM
Memes by SlajM Måned siden
11:41 how dare you!
Atikur Rahaman Khan Reon REON
Can you give me phone just only for gaming.. 🙏🙂..it would be very kind of u.. Granting e child's wish ❤️❤️
TheNetRiper Måned siden
Number 9 (Ampere) - not so compact. It seems useless foe me...
"Smartphones are Boring now."
Just How Bad is Mixing Memory?